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Bucky Fuller: This Is The Future

Dear Friend and Reader:
EARLIER this week I was writing Daily Astrology & Adventure, describing the helpless feeling that I think most of us have when we're considering how serious the world situation is. Some names came to mind of people who were not scared or paralyzed, but rather who viewed the future as an opportunity to do things better.
One man who saw what was coming and was unfazed by the looming crisis of too-rapid growth, dwindling resources and overcrowding was Buckminster Fuller. I linked to his Wiki page, and for the next couple of days, I mentioned his name around my neighborhood. I could only find one or two people who had even heard of him -- and neither knew who he was or what he contributed.
Imagine if a scientist from late in the 21st century dropped in on our lives today, and could see our current ecological and economic problems clearly, with the wisdom and sense of perspective of the future. Imagine that he knew the solutions as if they had already been worked out, and had withstood the test of time. That was Bucky Fuller.
He was born Friday, July 12, 1895, which makes tomorrow his 113th birth anniversary. He shares a birth year with Dane Rudhyar, Rudolph Valentino, Jeddu Krishnamurti and Carl Orff. Oh, and J. Edgar Hoover, the eternal boss of the FBI. (This information was provided by cultural astrologer Nick Dagan Best.) The year of his birth was also the year of the first pre-discovery photograph of Chiron, which not surprisingly is one of the most interesting planets in his chart: a hint at the holistic consciousness to come, when Chiron was discovered in 1977 and the acceptance of Fuller's ideas was at its peak.
Fuller was a Cancer with the Sun conjunct Jupiter. His job, as he viewed it, was to be a pragmatic steward of the world. He had large ideas; in a sense, he reinvented the world, proposing and designing such concepts as as floating cities.

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