Chart notes on Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow has Capricorn rising, which fits her composed, bookish presentation. At heart she is a traditionalist, though a sensitive one, who grounds her progressive ideas on solid foundations of thought. Her Pisces Pholus-Moon-Mercury conjunction in the 3rd house gives her intuitive mental talent that verges on the level of the paranormal, revealing a truly ‘dangerous’ reporter if you’re on the wrong side of the issue. I think she would know a liar is in the room even if she was submerged in an isolation tank. Her Moon and Mercury are square Saturn, which tempers her talent with composure and caution. This is followed by an alignment later in her 3rd house of Venus, Sun, Eris and Chiron, which the main article is about. Her Saturn in the 6th house is conjunct Vesta (the core creative flame), making bestowing a service orientation and able to focus on projects. She is devoted and capable of incalculable amounts of work. Saturn in Gemini bestows the ability give deep ideas a breezy presentation, and to see both sides of any issue. She is not ‘into’ being famous; it’s practically meaningless to her. Her houses associated with fame all point back to other houses associated with work (primarily the 3rd and the 6th), though she has a knack for money: Mars and Jupiter in the 2nd. The qualification is, it has to be money earned in an idealistic way, that serves the community (Aquarius).

Note to readers and other astrologers: Rachel authorized me to look at and write about her chart, and did not request that I withhold her data; however, honoring her privacy, I have redacted the data in this chart, and any degree information that could allow another astrologer to hack the chart with any precision. This is an early morning chart, and the Moon-Saturn/Vesta square is pretty close, making this a prominent Vesta chart. She is a prime example of a chart with strong placements of traditional planets, as well as several prominent minor planets that focus her psyche in her unique way.

-- Eric Francis, April 8, 2010