Two Versions of the Chart for the State of Ohio

The chart above is the statehood chart for Ohio, cast for March 1, 1803, set for the old capitol. You can see Neptune in the ascendant on the left side. Neptune is the blue trident on the left, which aligns to within a fraction of a degree of the ascendant, indicated by the dark horizontal line.

The total solar eclipse (indicated in the chart below) happens just two degrees away from Neptune. Another sensitive angle in this chart is the dark, mostly vertical line -- particularly at the bottom of the chart (the nadir). This is the angle that addresses most issues of government, and Mercury in Sagittarius will make a series of squares to all of those points, peaking with a square to Ohio's natal Pluto on Dec. 15.

One troubling point is the presence of Mars at 28+ Gemini -- a degree associated with many strange developments in the world. I described this in an article from early 2011 called Here at the Edge of the World.

The chart below is the version with my notes. I inadvertently used the new capital, Columbus, though this only changes the ascendant by a small fraction of a degree, which for most purposes will not matter. This chart indicates the positions of the planets at the total solar eclipse on Nov. 13. The position of the eclipse is indicated just above Neptune.