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Monday, December 11, 2006

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Vashon Island
Dear Friend and Subscriber:
You're one of the subscribers who has been with us since the beginning of our subscription service. How time flies -- it's been more than four years and many roads.
We're glad you're still around, still investigating life and keeping the faith. We trust you've been watching how much we've grown in the time you've been with us. Here's a snapshot from the past, one of the earliest editions of Planet Waves Weekly.
Our main site has gone to daily updates, including photos and numerous blogs. Our subscriber service has increased from weekly to twice-weekly; we have published about 75 bonus daily horoscopes; and added online subscriber areas with many features. The annual edition has grown into something special, modeled after Whole Earth Review. Speaking of, we even have readers on every continent, including Antarctica.

And here's what our regular weekly service is looking and feeling like lately.
All of these improvements have been made possible by your foresight and loyalty, because since you subscribed, we have actually begun to work with a budget. And that has made all the difference.
Along the way, we've started paying quite a few artists, writers and support staff to help out. We want to make sure we can compensate the people who make Planet Waves such an outstanding service.
At the encouragement of many, we have decided we're long overdue for a subscription fee increase, and we would like to ask that you come along. We're also going to six month subs in the same move, at the rate of $44.95.
When you signed up, we promised that charter subscribers would stay at their original yearly rate of $49.95, and we will be happy to keep you at your charter rate. But if a few of you agree to pay the new rate it will add up and really help out.

To do so, you may choose the six month option when you renew online, or you can call us some time before the end of the year and get the an additional 12 months added to your current subscription by phone for $75, a bit of a discount over two six month subscriptions.
For those who are in a position to do so, we welcome your gifts, and have been treated generously by several of our early supporters, a big help. Some have earmarked donations for things like a computer or a special project, and we invite you to do so with an open heart. We are offering lifetime subscriptions as well. To discuss any of this, you can give me a call at (206) 567-4455, or call Eric directly at +32 2 534-8200 (Europe is six hours later than New York and Eric is usually up past midnight).
Of course you are welcome to call me to set up your renewal in any event, I love connecting personally with our subscribers...a little chat is always nice!
We truly appreciate your supporting our growth and success, from then, till now. We have some exciting plans and we are attracting the talented, dedicated people to help make them happen. Yet it would all be impossible and mean very little without your support, involvement and appreciation.
Thanks for being a part of our online community and our global network of light. We remember every day that we couldn't have done it without you.

Yours truly,
Chelsea Bottinelli

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