Brussels, December 20, 2006

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Two Year Blog Archive

She says she doesn't masturbate. Photo by Eric Francis.

Dear Friend and Reader:

We're posting for Eros members a complete archive of my sex writing. Earlier in the year, I asked one of our more diligent researchers to track down everything I had written on the subject of sex that had ever made it onto the Net. She did, and there is a lot, much or even most of it unavailable elsewhere.

Some of it dates back to the late 1990s. I would probably say some things differently today, and would stick to direct, firsthand experience more than ideas, but you'll find plenty of ideas here (most of which are based on experience, by the way). Some you will probably think are interesting, some will bristle your fur, and others will work on you while you sleep.

As you may imagine, these articles are the product or diary of an unusual personal path that I've taken, or that my feet were set upon much earlier in life. I sum that up in a recent article written for World Aids Day. It's difficult to write about sex, in part because it's a challenge to find the words, and the feelings to describe with words, and in part because everyone brings all their own stuff to the subject.

That being entirely true, there is a forum in this area for discussion, and you are welcome to contribute to it, and to hang as loose as you want. If energy and business permit, I would love to contribute a good bit more myself.

Articles appearing here are not in chronological order, but if they were, you would see a progression from the discussion of polyamory, to the discussion of jealousy, compersion and masturbation -- the subtopics of human sexuality that I think reach closest to the core of our common experience, our common ground. Pretty much we all get jealous, we can all experience being turned on by another person's pleasure, and we all masturbate, or did so at some time in the past.

There is plenty I have not got to writing about yet. I have more to say about bisexuality, my own and that of others; more to say about the lovers of my lovers; more to say about what orgasm really is. More to say about masturbating together. And more to say about the many prostitutes and other sex workers I know, and have gotten to know, over the years.

Whatever else one may say, however many words appear here, the essence is that I'm suggesting we set aside our notions of "what should be," and be honest about what we want, including what we think about.

There is a common notion that this would end Western Civilization, or at least your relationship. I guess we'll have to take our chances. Most of the time what comes right after a good discussion of the nitt-gritty of desire and fantasy is the hottest sex you've ever had. No promises here -- just some experience speaking.

Enjoy. I had fun writing this stuff, and I hope you have fun reading it.

Yours & truly,
Chelsea Bottinelli
Eric Francis

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