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Kingston, NY, Thursday, Sept. 9, 2010

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Dear Planet Waves Reader:

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As this Mercury retrograde draws to a close, we're tidying up some projects and following through on old plans. I have a favor to ask.

We have a Facebook fan page. It's a great page that gives you access to all our free services, such as new blog posts and new weekly audio.

Please click on the page and "like" us. This used to be called "join" but Facebook changed that recently. Also -- there is another option, to invite your friends, and I'd appreciate if you spread the word by doing just that.

We really appreciate it. Thank you!

Eric Francis
PS, I also have a personal page and you're invited to "friend" me. I promise not to get sucked into Facebook! But it would be great to see you there.

PPS, In this recent edition of Astrology News, I publish an interview with one of the big gaming websites about my feelings on Facebook. I thought I would share it with you -- it's the second article down, at this link.

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