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Monday, Jan. 22, 2007
Dear Friend and Reader:

You are one of our Gold members. I'm writing today on two items of Spiral Door business, that being both our annual edition webspace, and our first annual almanac.

Earlier, we offered you two copies of the Almanac to be given by Gold members as gifts to their friends and have, if all the chutes and ladders are working, written to you about this. As it turned out, many of you also purchased a copy of the Almanac for yourself. So this note is to make sure that you have the log and pass. The login is "almanac" and the password is "fresca," minus the quote marks.

In the economics of running our little online smorgasbord, it worked out that sales of the almanac sponsored the Spiral Door webspace. And, coincidentally, this, our ninth annual edition of Planet Waves, is indeed ready. You may access the area with the your normal passwords for Planet Waves Weekly, or with the following log and pass combination: login as "spiral" and password is "vesta".

To find the Spiral Door area, go here:

We've created a separate log and pass for you so that you may share the Spiral Door annual webspace with friends, one of the privileges of being a Gold member.

As you will soon discover, this is a rather unusual Internet publication. It includes in-depth horoscope analysis for the 12 signs, as well as more than a dozen articles by some of the most talented Planet Waves writers. While you're exploring, please do visit the chart resource area, even if only to experience the color and beauty of the charts. Yes, these are designed to seduce you into wanting to study astrology more seriously.

In the next week or two, we will be adding audio for the 12 signs. This audio will mainly cover some of the points that did not make it into the written interpretations. if you're curious, keep an eye out.

I would just like to take another opportunity to thank you for being a Gold member. You have actually helped make quite a few improvements to Planet Waves possible, and between you and me, you got us through a rainy day over the summer.

Enjoy the Spiral Door, and thanks for your company on our publishing adventure.

Yours & truly,
Eric Francis

For the Spiral Door team —
Anatoly, Arwynne, Chelsea, Christine, Deirdre, Drexcel, Jessica, Kirsti, Paloma, Priya & Tracy