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Introducing Planet Waves Light -- it fits in your pocket

Dear Friend and Reader:

Some recent technical improvements now give us the ability to easily manage a separate publication of just the horoscopes (and a bit of extra astrology). Kind of like the Onion started as a bunch of pizza ads with jokes around them, Planet Waves started as a horoscope with a few articles around it. This offer is for just the horoscopes, or if you prefer, just the pizza.

Planet Waves
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Planet Waves Light will deliver five weekly horoscopes (one each Friday morning) plus two monthly horoscopes (on the first and second Tuesday mornings that the Sun is in a given sign). We will also give you access to the seven-year horoscope archive and Oracle, one of our most popular and spooky features.

You will receive all 12 signs with each horoscope mailing. On the off-monthly Tuesdays I will send out a short astrology-only bulletin (about 200 words), for example, alerting you to the coming Full Moon or New Moon. We will begin with an archive of a month of prior horoscopes (back to October 2009) so you have some background.

Your subscription will include Planet Waves Monthly (the longer monthly horoscope), Inner Space Horoscope, and Planet Waves Weekly. There will be occasional bonus horoscopes and bulletins.

This will be the perfect subscription option if you have an iPhone or BlackBerry and want a quick read with just the essential information. It will also work on all email systems, and the horoscopes will also be archived on the web.

Planet Waves Light service is $29.95 for six months (or $59.90 for twelve months). This link is also good for gift orders!


Yours & truly,
Eric Francis

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