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Eric Francis. Photo by Danielle Voirin.
Dear Friend and Reader:

MY HOROSCOPES are unlike any others: taking an interior view of life, surveying our private landscapes, relationships and providing guidance in the search for sanity and freedom. They are a catalyst for growth and self-understanding, presenting another way of looking at the world.

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Published each Friday and every other Monday as part of Planet Waves Astrology News, readers around the world have depended on me as their horoscope writer for more than 10 years. My horoscopes seem to be written in the voice of my future self, who is looking back with an unusual depth of understanding at our lives. I take responsibility for them, but I cannot take full credit.

Each Friday, you'll also receive a personal newsletter from me, speaking about the current astrology in the context of world events and our personal lives. With each edition, I bring all my experience as an astrologer, investigative journalist and soul searching for his place in the world. Once a month, the Sun's current sign receives a detailed birthday report that many say is worth the price of the subscription.

Monday editions alternate between early release of the monthly horoscopes -- Planet Waves monthly and Inner Space monthly -- and astrology reports designed to help you get through the week, and make the most of your energy, time and money.

Here are your subscription options. Here is more about our vision of community and the Internet.

Thanks for your participation, and I look forward to being your astrologer.

Yours truly,

PS, regular subscriptions to Planet Waves are available for six months only -- but if you sign up for Gold Membership, you'll get a year of service for $99. This includes access to a special area on Planet Waves with an audio archive, a discussion area and the archive of my complete sex writing. You will also get access to two private areas on the Book of Blue website, my new photography site, including the Eros Galleries and the Dreams area, which contains my experimental fiction. To sign up for a year of Gold Membership, use this link.

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