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Kingston, NY, Friday, August 13, 2010

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Leo Birthdays, Leo Rising and Leo Moon: Audio Reading by Eric Francis
Hello Leo, Leo Rising, Leo Moon!

Leo's birthday audio is done -- a reading of more than one hour, plus a tarot section of 20 minutes. In this audio feature, I read the planets and the signs for Leo, accessing my gift as a Sun-sign writer and an experienced astrological consultant.

Your reading covers the influence of the cardinal cross T-square about which I've been writing like the aurora borealis in recent months. This is the Aries Point event that has been stretching and re-creating the world for the past six months, and which is having a direct influence on your life. I explore the influence of this aspect on the houses in your chart where the main alignments make contact.

I also carefully go over the Leo New Moon chart from earlier in the week, treating that as a solar return chart for Leo. I look at how recent years of your life have presented a series of relationship-awareness challenges that you're close to the end of, getting ready to move onto a time of increased mutual profit, both emotional and material.

In a third section, I look at the influence of the forthcoming Mercury retrograde in Virgo -- your house of money, resources and your values.

Finally in the tarot reading, I do about 20 minutes looking at a spread drawn from the Voyager deck by my beloved colleague James Wanless. The spread is all about manifesting your potential with others who are complimentary -- the fiery energy of Leo blending perfectly with the watery energy of some passionate individuals who are in your life now or who are soon to arrive. Tarot is a great compliment to understanding the astrology of an era, giving a simplified, picture-oriented look into the same life circumstances. Tarot shifts the perspective and uses the 'other side of the brain'.

You get all of this -- more than 80 minutes of astrology and tarot presented in clear audio -- for just $14.95. I recommend this package for anyone born under the sign Leo, or with Leo rising or Leo Moon as well -- anyone with strong kitty paw-prints in their chart. It also makes an economical, meaningful and long-lasting birthday gift for any Leos in your life; there is a gift option on the order page.

The link to purchase is here. Enjoy and -- comments are welcome.

Yours & truly,
Eric Francis

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