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Kingston, NY, Friday, April 2, 2010

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Now that it's April 2nd...
Dear Planet Waves Sampler:

It's your old friend, Francis Skunk Mouse. Yesterday in our April Fool's Day edition (the one with the skunk and the mouse), I made a little mistake, that wasn't part of the joke -- at the top, your edition said, "You Are Subscribed to Astrology News." Handling large amounts of text presents the chance to make a mistake about every three minutes.

When something like that happens, I take the opportunity to say something I've wanted so say for a while, which would include hello to our new readers who have found your way here from search engines, conferences and postcards; hello to my old fans from Cainer.com; hello those of you have been hanging out since the Mystic Garden days at AOL-UK; and a big shout-out to everyone who came on board when I was mouse, er, house astrologer for the 44-city Danzig world tour. That was fun!

You're actually subscribed to the Planet Waves Sample List, a free list that we do our best to make as fun and as rich as possible to give you a clue what you get when you enlist, for the modest tariff of $1.69 a week, in our premium service. Here is a "sample."

Were you subscribed to Planet Waves Astrology News, you would know it by how eagerly you waited for Tuesday and Friday mornings, when our editions arrive. You be getting my weekly and monthly horoscopes, weekly articles on the current astrology and access to several excellent special content areas. You would be among the planetary activists who are helping build, bit by bit and pixel by pixel, a new concept of what news is: something relevant to your life, your growth, your existence.

I started as a journalist, but I wanted to do work that was closer to the soul level of my readers. You should see the collection of press cards hanging in my bathroom! Many of my old editors and journalism colleagues thought it was a little weird that I would defect to the funny pages and start a horoscope column, but I see potential in horoscopes -- potential every bit as rich as "real astrology" with natal charts and a library full of books. Horoscopes are astrology for the people.

One reader wrote in this morning: "Your horoscopes -- I'm reading them since a couple of months now -- are always great. It's just the subtlety and the developmental approach in your horoscope that I really like and find helpful. You give perspective."

Then I make sure you get the deep stuff: news about new planets and what they mean; an interesting take on politics; and the unique Planet Waves blend of ero-eco-astro that truly makes us a one of a kind urban shamanic news source -- the one you've always been waiting for.

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Yours & truly,
Eric Francis

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