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Kingston, NY, Tuesday, August 25, 2009

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The Electric Tide: A Mercury Retrograde Special Report from Planet Waves

Dear Friend and Reader:

Here is the question everyone has asked at least once: how exactly do you not get your ass kicked by Mercury retrograde?

Planet Waves
Here's a better question: how do we use these phases, which come dependably three times a year, to spark our creativity, solve problems and improve communication with the people around us? In other words, having the benefit of honoring astrology, how do we get it to work for us?

Find out in The Electric Tide, my special report on the forthcoming Mercury retrograde in Virgo and Libra. This retrograde is going to shift our reality, affect our relationships and start a good few long-overdue conversations.

Mercury retrograde can be creatively rich, mentally intuitive and above all, interesting. It can also be strange, frustrating and unpredictable. Now, you can make the most of it.

Mercury retrogrades vary in magnitude, and the one we're approaching dances with the most influential planets: Saturn, Uranus and Pluto, among them. I bring my experience working with astrological clients and covering more than 40 distinct Mercury retrograde phases to this special report, which includes horoscopes for all 12 signs; a chapter-length essay on this particular retrograde; answers to your most pressing questions about how to handle planning and decisions during a retrograde; and an article called "How to Talk About Sex" (since this conversation is likely to come up a few times, thanks to a series of Pluto-Mercury contacts).

The report is just about done -- we plan to issue it Friday afternoon. You can take advantage of the special pre-order price of $8.95. This includes all the materials above and horoscopes (abaout the length of a long monthly horoscope) for all 12 signs. Once the report is published this coming Friday afternoon, the price will go up to $14.95, so by pre-ordering now you will save nearly half-off.

The Electric Tide is a report that will help you through the next six weeks of this influence. It's also designed to be a keeper: something you'll want to print and save for future reference. I've poured the contents of my personal and business experience working under Mercury retrograde into this product, and I trust that it will serve you well under an influence that everyone seems to wonder about but few people seem to be able to handle deftly.

Sign up for The Electric Tide today at the pre-order price.

Yours & truly,
Eric Francis

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