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Kingston, NY, Thursday, August 27, 2009

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The Electric Tide is Rising

Dear Friend and Reader:

Planet Waves
As you may have read on our main page, the Mercury Retrograde Special Report has been published. The retrograde is in Libra and Virgo from Sept. 7 through Sept. 29, arriving with a significant series of events that leads the way into a whole new astrological cosmos, taking us that much closer to the true astrology of 2012. As I've written before, this retrograde is a warmup for Saturn changing signs to Libra in late October.
The idea for the special report came from the lead article a couple of weeks ago, "The Electric Tide." That article (which you've probably read) is included -- I consider it my most comprehensive piece of writing on the Mercury retrograde phenomenon to date. I've also added a section called "What to do if..." in case you have to make a decision during the retrograde. We also added an "Expert Guide," that covers the key dates in the cycle, and which provides the astrological charts for anyone who cares to study them. Because there are a series of Mercury-Pluto contacts, there is a section (in true Planet Waves fashion) called "How To Talk About Sex."

Finally, there is a 12-sign horoscope for all the signs which calls the theme of this retrograde for each of the Sun and rising signs. This is about as long as the long monthly horoscope, Planet Waves Monthly.
Here is how we're handling discount pricing for subscribers: you'll get the pre-order price of $8.95 (the price for everyone else has gone up to $14.95). Then, if you're a subscriber you'll get to give one to a friend, on us. Once you order, send an email to Chelsea and we will make sure your gift recipient gets the report promptly.
Here is the ordering link. Thanks for your business!
Yours & truly,
Eric Francis

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