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Kingston, NY, Wednesday, Dec. 30, 2009

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Dear Colleague:

This note is a reminder to let you know that the January monthly horoscope was published yesterday. Here is the letter we sent introducing this special edition; and here is a direct link to the article itself.

Planet Waves
We email our editions dependably every Tuesday and Friday morning. If you're not getting our mailings, please check your spam settings. Our articles sometimes do contain words that will get caught by content filters. So you may need to check manually; or allow through anything with [Planet Waves Colleagues] in the subject header; or that comes from our sending address, horoscopes@planetwavesweekly.com.

We put a lot of work into the services we create for the astrology community, and we would like to help make sure everyone receives them dependably.

While I have your attention, I have a request for coordination. My current project, Cosmic Confidential, may be something you find is a useful tool in your astrology practice or teaching experience. This, our latest annual edition, is a detailed explanation of transits through 2010, leading into the 2012 alignment, organized by Sun sign and by age group. It is akin to an easy-to-read astrology text written for this moment, handling current transits in unusual detail. As part of this project, I am also developing solid resources on Saturn return, Uranian opposition, Pluto square and Chiron transits.

Would you please inform your readers and clients about the project? The easiest way is to point them to the project's homepage, CosmicConfidential.com. You may also send them the link to yesterday's letter to our clients, which includes a link to the short annual/January monthly.

The extended length horoscopes will be available after Jan. 15, most likely by the 20th. I am both being mindful of and realistic about Mercury retrograde, and putting extra care into your extended astrology readings in this, our 12th annual edition.

Thank you kindly for your assistance and support with this project. Please contact us if you would like to contribute to Planet Waves; if you have an idea for a project or collaboration; or a way to make the astrology world (or the world itself) a better place.

For the Planet Waves team worldwide,

Yours & truly,
Eric Francis

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