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Kingston, NY, Friday, Oct. 16, 2009

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The I Ching, Guinea Pigs and Planet Waves

Dear Friend and Reader:

What do the I Ching, guinea pigs and Planet Waves have in common? Today, the number 64. There are 64 hexagrams in the iChing. Guinea pigs have 64 chromosomes, and Planet Waves is offering a special offer with Product 64.

Planet Waves
I Ching Hexagrams - The Sixty-Four Spirits of Time.
Last week, our special offer brought in 100 new or returning subscribers, an incredible response to a special offer. I know there are many more of you who are looking for that opportunity to sign up; looking for a reason to be among our passionate subscribers.

We know the fact that we put out a magazine unique in all the Internet isn't enough. The best horoscope isn't enough. Talented photographers aren't enough. The best customer service in the business isn't enough. Interesting articles each week, taking on deeply personal subject matter and big cultural issues, just doesn't do it for everyone.

What does? Most people want it cheap. Perfectly researched, spiritually grounded, well designed, even better than last week -- and cheap. It makes perfect sense.

This week's offer isn't as cheap as last week's offer. We have a way of doing things here at Planet Waves: we're training our customers to recognize that we offer the cheapest price first, sans fanfare. Sometimes it's so cheap that by the time the product is a really hot seller, it's going for three times the original price we asked. This week, we're offering nine months of Planet Waves Astrology News for the price of six; or looked another way, three months (about 24 issues) for free.

Here's another reason to sign up now: In a couple of weeks, I'm going to introduce Cosmic Confidential, the 2010 edition of Planet Waves. There will be a one-time initial purchase offer sent to subscribers only. We now offer the annual edition by individual sign. The initial purchase offer will give you all 12 signs for the price of one sign at the full price. If you're a subscriber, you will also be able to give this as a gift to a friend. There will be an initial special offer for non-subscribers -- at about double what we offer to subscribers.

We fully recognize that we're educating the public to value what you get on the Internet -- and the value of spiritually grounded astrology. We fully recognize that you have tens of millions of other astrology websites to choose from; and if you haven't noticed, we link to about three of them, total.

So here's your link to Product 64. It will be good through the weekend, the strange and beautiful Libra New Moon.

Yours & truly,
Eric Francis

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