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Kingston, NY, Friday, October 2, 2009

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Note from Eric...with corrected link to new edition

Dear Friend and Client:

This is a note to let you know that we've sent out the new edition of Planet Waves Astrology News. The edition contains some slightly racy language and may have been caught by certain over-zealous content filters designed to protect adults. Here is a direct link. Don't miss the Stevie Jay video that is included in the caption right under his photo.

Planet Waves
Next, a request: it would help if you would please post comments about the new issue on our main page. They can be general thoughts, or better, specific feedback about what you've read. Here is a direct link. This is actually the much shorter "sample edition" that we post to the public to get them interested in the work we're doing. You need to be logged into our blogging system to participate in commenting, which I would encourage you to do. However, if you want to skip that part you can send your comments to me by email at dreams@planetwaves.net and I'll post it for you.

Last bit, regarding forwarding. I appreciate that you forward our materials to your friends and family, though it would help more if you purchased one of more of them a subscription. I'll even take requests for bulk subscriptions for your particular forwarding group. Here's a story. Someone purchased a subscription for a friend in Australia who turned out to be the editor of a national magazine. She, in turn, hired me to do the monthly horoscope. Purchasing subscriptions instead of forwarding really truly helps everyone -- integrity is a good thing.

Planet Waves runs on love, and just like your household, we also run on money -- and I love to spend it on you.

Have a fine Full Moon and here's a link to the invite to my photo opening on Saturday for those who live in the New York area.

Yours & truly,
Eric Francis

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