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Palm Coast, FL, November 24, 2006

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Hello there!
You may have noticed that we've been sending you our publications from time to time. We're sending them as a press courtesy, as well as to keep our blip on your editorial radar.

Astrologer Eric Francis is featured in publications internationally, including Woman, one of the UK's most respected magazine titles. He appears nationally in the US in Flaunt out of Los Angeles. His column has also been published in Chronogram in the New York area for over a decade, as well as in many other daily, weekly and monthly publications around the world.
Eric is also a respected investigative and news reporter, credentialed in the US, the UK and Europe. His focus has been on scientific fraud, including environmental crimes. If you're working on something like a toxins litigation piece and need a consultant, he's your guy.

We are here if you need us -- or if you have colleagues who may be interested in our work. Please feel free to pass Planet Waves along, including to friends and coworkers.

Have a wonderful day, catch you on Friday with the latest weekly magazine. You can also visit us at

Yours truly,