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New York, Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2010

Light Bridge: 2011 Annual Readings from Eric Francis
Dear Planet Waves Reader:

Light Bridge, the 2011 annual edition of Planet Waves, is now available for pre-order. Giving you 12 signs of astrology in both written and audio format, Light Bridge is your astrological guide to the opportunities, changes and challenges of the coming four seasons. You can pre-order Light Bridge here. The readings will be available in January.

This offer gives you our best price, available to charter members and current subscribers of Planet Waves and Cosmic Confidential. If you order now, you will have access to all 12 signs for one price of $29.95. This price will be valid through Friday night. By the time Light Bridge comes out, readings will be $19.95 per sign. The benefit of having all 12 signs is that you can research your Sun, Moon and ascendant, as well as those of your significant others and other family members.

Readers with special situations -- please see the note at the end.

Following up on Cosmic Confidential, this year's annual readings will be a mix of audio and written presentation, offering one hour per sign and a detailed written report. As my readers know, I offer analysis and a vision rather than prediction, drawing on 15 years' experience as a consulting astrologer and horoscope writer.

Many have been saying that this thing we call '2012' is really happening in 2011 (I've said it's really happening now, and has been for a while). Both years hold their revelations and their surprise elements, though it's true that nearly every key element of 2012 astrology shows up in some form during the next four seasons. That includes the sign changes of three outer planets -- Chiron, Uranus and Neptune, which will dramatically revise the backdrop of our lives. All this Pisces energy coming our way calls for a heavy-duty Pisces to do the interpreting -- and I am up to the job.

We will need to be more discerning, and more focused on what we actually want and more aware of who we actually are. Pretenses will be more difficult to maintain. You will be called to focus on your true calling and be with your authentic tribe. How will you get there? What leverage do you have, to make the kinds of changes that you want? I will cover relationships, life mission and accessing your core creativity.

With Chiron and Neptune entering Pisces, the field of potential will open to its widest aperture. And Uranus is entering Aries, which will add a dash of the impetuous and unpredictable, bringing many changes to society. Together, these factors must be handled with expert care and awareness -- and if you can do that, you will love the results. Each reading will include a glimpse far into the future -- to the moment when Chiron changes signs to Aries in the spring of 2018.

Here is your ordering page for Light Bridge for all 12 signs. We will notify you by email when Light Bridge is ready early next year. This price will be valid through the end of the week.

For readers with special situations who cannot order now, you can reserve your price by emailing Chelsea. As these orders take a lot of work for her to process manually, please use this option only if you truly need it! Thank you for that.

Thank you for your business, and it's a pleasure to serve as your astrologer.

Yours & truly,
Eric Francis

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