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New York, Sunday, Oct. 31, 2010

Light Bridge...remember to get the best price!
Dear Planet Waves or Cosmic Confidential Subscriber:

If you've already purchased, Light Bridge, thank you. (And sorry -- due to a technical problem 12% of you will get this letter twice!)

There's still time for current subscribers to get the best price on Light Bridge, the 2011 annual edition of Planet Waves. As a courtesy, to catch those who were traveling, people whose spam trap eats anything with the word 'bridge' and for the Pisces slackers in the crowd, the product code will be valid at the original price through early Monday morning -- when we'll increase it by $10. Then we'll divide it and make it available by individual sign only.

We just received this letter (below) from one of our our regular annual edition subscribers, and thought we would share it with you. It's one of those comments that reminds us why we do what we do.

Light Bridge has surpassed all sales records, just in time for Eric to get down to two months of writing and recording, or as he puts it, learning astrology all over again. As an added benefit, people who have already subscribed will be able to purchase gifts for friends and loved ones at the original price. Please write to us and request that product code, if you want it.

Thank you again.

Wishing you a very scary Halloween,

Chelsea Bottinelli

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