In Progress:

Letters we have not used:
Lost & found reader letter:

We could possibly repurpose reader letter and shorten. This letter was for recently expired folks...early attempt, has a bit of a negative focus.

Selling scopes to CC buyers (star chart):

Could use this idea and star map/car image for Light Bridge subscribers. Need to shorten it and just pull out most important ideas. Should send this one out in late February.
Member vs. subscriber watercooler:

may be obsolete now. We dealt with the member subscriber question a long time ago. contradictions:

Canned astro reports vs. eric’s writing. Needs to be shorter. May want to remove quotes from other sites. Different from other horoscope comparison letter we’re working on because it’s about actual contradictions that appear in these canned reports.

Sub Feedback Letter #1:

Longer subscriber feedback letter, could be used for “We are Planet Waves”, just need to get a photo of Jeannine.

Free Trial Engagement Letter:

If we want to send letter to free trial folks, we can send a thank you and link to the Wednesday audio and the audio sales page. Feedback is a little late, it’s something we were going to ask for when we first started offering this option. Could use paragraph 2 for something later...”hand-crafted horoscope” or something along those lines.

Nuts & Bolts letter:

Describes each of the services we offer. Needs to be shortened/streamlined and images updated. Make sure to begin w/focus on reader, perhaps start with an engaging question.