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Kingston, NY, Monday, August 16, 2010

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Mercury Retrograde in Virgo: Aug. 20 - Sept. 12
A Special 12-Sign Audio Edition of Planet Waves by Eric Francis

Dear Fellow Traveler:

Mercury is about to be retrograde, beginning Friday. This is one of those events we all agree has an effect. Some people love it; it gets their creative energy jumping. Other people lose their keys six times, get their cell phone cut off, have their Yahoo account hacked and bounce the mortgage payment. Occasionally it can lead to significant problems -- and just as often, truly helpful solutions and shifts of awareness. I've often noticed Mercury retrograde as the moment where the truth reveals itself, or (in a Chiron-like way) we discover the flaw in a system just in time.

In a special audio edition of Planet Waves, I'm taking a closer look at the Mercury retrograde experience and exploring both why it's so potent and how we can use it to improve our lives. For the next few weeks, Mercury will be retrograde in Virgo, one of the signs with which it's the most closely associated.

My take on this particular retrograde is that it's reminding us about unfinished healing projects. What are those projects? What has changed since we forgot about them? Where would be a good place to resume where we left off, and what can we safely move on from? I'll be looking for ways to help you consolidate your efforts, as well as to focus on specific issues and ideas that will assist like leverage points.

Another angle of this retrograde involves our typical state of mental overload. We wouldn't get into that, you know, scattered, stretched-thin state of mind, if we didn't have certain predispositions, and often these are oriented in the past -- as mental patterns. Mercury trekking backwards through Virgo will help us clue into the nature of those patterns and give us some hints about what to do with them. Where any of us has Virgo placed in our charts is an aspect of life where we need to be less self-critical, more self-supportive and relax our perfectionism. I would count those as healing goals, and I'll be reading the charts from that angle as well.

For subscribers, this is a 12-sign report -- all the signs for one price. This will enable you to listen to your Sun, Moon and rising signs, as well as those of the people you care about. I'll present it in an audio package with introductory materials that explain Mercury retrograde in general (offering insights into the more common themes of avoiding bad purchases and our continuing relationship to technology) and offer deeper ideas about this particular one. Then I'll take the signs one-by-one in 15-minute presentations.

The report is scheduled to be ready Friday afternoon, the day Mercury stations. I'm offering it now for $19.95. This includes all the introductory materials and all 12 signs. The price will go up to $29.95 after the report is released (or the signs will be sold individually). The report will include an overview of the Libra equinox chart -- which includes a Full Moon on the Aries Point the day of the equinox.

Pre-orders will be sent access information and you'll receive an email as soon as the report is posted. This promises to be a fun, useful project -- and one that has a value that will outlast the current astrology as a dependable resource.

Once again, here is your pre-ordering page. Thank you for your business and happy retrograding!
Eric Francis
PS: Here is last year's Mercury retrograde report -- a written edition that was a bestseller and got great reviews. There will be much more information for the 12 signs in this audio edition.

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