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Brussels, Saturday, November 25, 2006

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News, and the Spiral Door

Dear Friend and Reader:

Hello from early on several dark sides of mornings through the weekend. I trust this note finds you well and if not, here are some loving vibes for your mindspace.

In the spirit of keeping you up to date on our plotting and scheming, this is a short newsletter about what's up at Planet Waves. Annual horoscope news is at the end of the letter.

We'd like to point out those little tabs on top of your email editions, and this letter. We're starting to put them everywhere, to help you move around our content matrix easier. I suggest you click them all once or twice and see where you end up. Each page has a different feeling and purpose, and they all work as entry pages.

Next, there are now two updating blog-like features. One we call the Café Blog, which tells the planetary aspects, along with offering a philosophical riff and a selection from the archives. Café Blog first appears on the subscriber homepage, and is mirrored a few other locations. This style daily feature has a couple of fine advantages, one of which is a team writing approach which allows for weekends, vacations, and so on, without interrupting the stream of thought. Another is that it's an introduction to basic editing for those working on Planet Waves. 'Editing' is really a skillset that includes editorial decision making (i.e., does this article belong on the front page?), learning about content flow, and writing and correcting copy -- and we teach it here.

Meanwhile, I've taken to updating essays on, usually in series format. Last week I collaborated with photographer Dani Voirin in Paris on the closing of 59, rue du Rivoli, the artists' squat, and the scene moving to a new location across town.

The Spiral Door
Last and not least, here's some annual horoscope news. The Spiral Door, the 2007 annual edition of Planet Waves, is starting to become recognizable. The theme is Pluto on the Galactic Core, which is the epicenter of 2007's astrology. We'll have an assortment of feature articles on everything from the top 11 astrological events of '07, to a civil rights updates, to all the news around Eris, Pluto and Ceres -- plus extended sign-by-sign horoscopes that I'll be writing. There are some fun surprises coming, a well-explained chart resource covering the year's big events, in addition to the very best horoscopes I can write for you.

The Spiral Door is a gift to you, our subscribers (and an incentive for new ones to come aboard). That's to say, it's included with your subscription. Traditionally, we publish our annual edition in early January once all the holiday hype has settled down, so look for it then -- and I'll be making more noise as the time approaches.

One last bit. Here's something new under the Galactic Core -- the Planet Waves 2007 Almanac. This is a full-year almanac and ephemeris created by a team of lunatics who have spent enough time in or around art school to think they can pull it off. The Almanac, with articles covering all 12 months, Full and New Moon aspects, minor planets and much more, will be sold for the handsome price of $9.95. It will be a printable PDF, formatted for both the USA and Europe. This is sold separately, and you can pre-order clicking here.

PS, Eros area subscribers -- we'll have an update for you about that project next week.