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NWS :: The 11 Annual Edition of Planet Waves
Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2009

Dear Next Worlder:

Planet Waves
A number of you have written in asking where the monthly horoscopes are kept on Next World Stories. They are under the Next World Horoscopes section, which is represented by the blue dot icon. Monthly horoscopes are updated for January and February; we still have one more February edition (the Eriscope) to add.

Most of the sections are updated on Sunday evening. A new planet appears each week under Next World Planets (the red spiral). And we have a new sci-fi piece for you weekly as well, under the section The Next World's Stories (the orange diamond).

We're seeking contributors to a couple of the areas. I'm especially interested in working with anyone doing their own research into the minor planets. One of my goals with Next World Stories is to post 50 delineations of the small worlds this year, that is, one per week or so. I will need help to do that, but it will be a great resource for the Planet Waves community. There is so little on these planets available -- so we need to do it ourselves. If you are working with the minor planets, please write to me directly at with the subject header clearly saying, "Minor Planets." If I don't write back within one day, please write to me again.

Your articles on other subjects can be short commentaries or longer pieces that relate to any topic from astrology to news to Paganism. If you have a futuristic scenario that you think might work for the sci-fi area, please suggest that as well. The place to send it is Please give a clear subject header, stating Next World Stories.

Thank you for playing in the cosmos with us!

Yours & truly,
Eric Francis

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