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Wednesday, Jan. 14, 2009

Dear Next Worlder:

This note is to address the login issue some people have noticed. I'm aware that some readers are entering their log and pass and getting rejected. It's an issue with the server's directory protection system that we have a workaround for. Its simple -- feng shui your house.

Or if you prefer to fix it directly on your computer -- make sure there's a "slash" at the end of the URL:

Make sure you can actually see the slash symbol. Modest as it is, this is computer code. Like all computer code, you program the thing and see if it works.

Enter the login ID sent with your subscription confirmation letter (it's not your name, email or the ID to any other area). If you have all 12 signs you have an all-12 login ID; if you have one or more signs, the sign name is your login ID, such as taurus (lowercase). The all-12 password works for all 12 signs. Or, individual signs have a password as well.  

While I have your attention, monthly horoscopes will be added to the Next World Horoscopes area, and current year's monthlies will be archived there as well. Earlier archives will be available soon. Here is the area. Always check for the "slash" mark at the end of the URL.

Ok -- I hope that helps.

Your astrologer,
Eric Francis

PS, updates to Next World Stories are currently scheduled for Sunday evenings.

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