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NWS :: The 11 Annual Edition of Planet Waves
Saturday, Jan. 17, 2009

Dear Next Worlder:

This is to let you know that after a lot of wrangling between our webman Anatoly and our ISP, we have resolved the issue of Next World Stories (and Astrology News for that matter) demanding the password repeatedly. We truly apologize for any annoyance getting into the site(s). I am a big believer in "keep your front door clear."

I'll be adding some updates to Next World Stories tomorrow night. For those looking for monthly horoscopes, they will be in the Next World Horoscopes area (blue dot blog). However, none of the February horoscopes are published yet; they don't start to come out until the Sun changes signs, in this case, to Aquarius. This is true every month.

I suggest you look around at the six extra content areas (that is, places besides the actual sign-by-sign annual horoscopes) and watch what we add, particularly in the early evening Sundays. Two of the blogs have several contributors (the Sci-Fi area [yellow diamond], and the current events area [double < symbol in red/purple]). Two I will be updating principally, the main blog (green triangle) and the horoscopes area (blue dot). I will also use guest content from time to time, but only if I really like it.

Thanks for checking in, and for making Next World Stories so far the most successful project in Planet Waves history.

Yours & truly,
Eric Francis

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