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Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2008

Dear Friend and Reader:

We had a busy morning preparing the Tuesday edition, and we accidentally linked the Chiron article to the wrong Next World Stories promotion (at a higher rate). We're still offering a discounted rate to you, our current subscribers. Please click here to take advantage of this offer -- last call. In our next offer, it will be available by individual sign, just like in the real world, on a normal astrology website (with a discount for three or more signs).

Next World Stories is the 11th annual edition of Planet Waves, with many new features (such as new minor planets and a sci-fi/fantasy area). We anticipate publication on Jan. 3, 2009. Our apologies for the mix-up. For more detailed information, please check this page, or to purchase Next World Stories directly, click here. If you just purchased today at the higher price, please contact us at (877) 453-8265 for a credit or refund.

-- Rachel Asher

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