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Dear Friend and Reader:

On Saturday, we sent out an announcement for Next World Stories, the 2009 annual edition of Planet Waves. This is the website that includes the year-ahead analysis for each sign, reports about transits, and other features designed to inform and entertain. These include a sci-fi/fantasy section and a section devoted to looking at the minor planets.

We're offering our current subscribers (including comps and colleagues) a limited-time discount, $24.95 for all 12 signs, through Wednesday night. At the end of the week, the signs will be offered individually for $14.95, with a discount for three or more.

If you missed that offer, here is the link. The details and ordering information are included there. Apologies if this email came you more than once; it just means that you're on multiple product lists.

If you've already purchased Next World Stories, thanks for making it a bestseller from the first day we offered it.

Yours & truly,
Eric Francis

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