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About the Oracle and Horoscope Database

About the Oracle and Horoscope Database
Dear Friend and Reader:

Perhaps it's a good idea to include a few notes with the Divination Oracle, since it gets a heck of a lot of use. Currently it is free. It is a candidate for a small charge or for being added back into a subscriber section. If you use the Oracle, please consider subscribing. Not counting the writing, it took two years of work by about five far-flung people to create.

The Oracle is part of the database of my past horoscopes, which currently has two functions -- one, you can research any horoscope by time frame, by content or both. For instance, you can search how many times I said sex, Chiron, roller skating, dream, Gemini or any other word or phrase going back to around 1999. You can also inquire about interesting times of your life, by day or month of that year. You can do both at the same time. This is the research function.

Second, the Oracle will select, totally at random, a single horoscope write-up in response to a question. The two functions (research and Oracle) are unrelated; when you type a question, that data is not used by the Oracle (in other words, it's not searching for keywords). Rather, you type the question in order to focus your mind and your inquiry. The random selection of an answer is keyed to the precise time you click, which is the closest thing to something random and unique we could come up with to seed the database inquiry. The Oracle then chooses one from about 8,000 horoscopes currently in the database (as of Aug. 2007).

I suggest you ask one question, click once and take your response. It is not a good idea to click over and over on the same question. This is traditional in any form of divination. Particularly because the Oracle can give long and sometimes complex responses, focus your question and then focus on your one response. You can copy and past it somewhere else, and print it if you like. Personally, I have had some stunning results asking about some deeply meaningful personal themes. You can get information from the text of the horoscope, and if you are creative, from the sign given and the time frame of the entry.

The results you get from any form of divination depend largely on two things: one, your sincerity in making the request; two, your ability to interpret the information you get. This is a free Oracle on the Internet, but I assure you, it is the real thing. Please be gentle on it and yourself.

Thanks for checking in, and if you got any interesting results, if you want, you may send them to me at

Eric Francis

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