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2007 Almanac
Brussels, January 05, 2007

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Dear Friend and Reader:

We are now in the home-stretch on the two annual projects, the 2007 Almanac and The Spiral Door annual edition. Before I give the update, please note that the passwords for Planet Waves Weekly have changed.

The login is still reader, and the password is now feast. (As an incentive to draw you to the subscriber area of our website, we have begun be posting the weekly editions early.)

This will also be the log and pass combination that will work for the annual edition, The Spiral Door. We plan to have that ready some time next week. Thank you for your patience.

Now, as for the almanac, which is a separate (but related) project. We will soon post the log and pass to all almanac purchasers via a special list. We plan to release the first of five PDFs that contain the almanac on Monday, after Eris stations direct for the first time since she was named. This will give you the introduction, January and my article on Eris. The rest will follow shortly.

The almanac, an excellent supplement to The Spiral Door, now includes:
  • Full and New Moon descriptions for each month, with the Sabian symbols for each event;
  • Top 10 events of 2007, covering the big turning points;
  • Daily aspectarian of minor and major planets, ingresses and major events;
  • Numerology for 2007 by Christine DeLorey;
  • Month-by-month description of all the astrology, including retrogrades, ingresses, and major aspects;
  • Nearly book-length article on the Eris astrology, called "Facets and Fragments of Self," by me, with a detailed discussion of what is, in reality the 10th planet.
  • I've just seen the first section of the almanac for the first time a moment ago, and it is more amazing than I imagined. It's visually beautiful, rich in both descriptive astrology and technical tools, and I dare say something new under the Galactic Core. The Spiral Door is included with your subscription. The almanac is sold separately for a mere $9.95.

    The first installment will be sent Monday, so to get it the first day, go to our order page and choose "Pre-order Almanac." Here is the link.

    Yours & truly,
    Eric Francis

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