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New York, Thursday, July 14, 2011

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July Monthly Horoscope
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At Planet Waves, note that different areas have different login information for accessing, called product keys. Please bear with this as we develop our new content management and subscription management system behind the scenes. We are working toward individual passwords. And please renew, as we pour resources into this important renovation while still maintaining the high quality of content you have come to expect. Many thanks.

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When you access the link above you will be taken to the most recent edition. Once you have logged in, you will notice a link at the top center of the edition that will lead you to the archives for 2005-2011. Email is not perfect, and spam filters are the bane of people who distribute legitimate information by bulk mail. If you ever miss an edition, go to this site and it will be there.

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As a Planet Waves subscriber, you may use the login information above to access the Planet Waves Oracle. The Oracle is a searchable database of the horoscopes Eric has written. You can search for a specific horoscope by date, sign or keyword. It also serves as an eerily accurate divination tool. You may type a question into the divination field, and click on the "oracle" button to get a randomly generated response from the thousands of entries in the database.

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