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Capen Residence Hall, SUNY New Paltz. Photo by Steve Bergstein.

SUNY New Paltz PCBs - and Beyond

On Dec. 29, 1991, a car accident caused an electrical malfunction that spread supertoxins on the State College campus in New Paltz, NY (locally known as SUNY New Paltz). Planet Waves editor Eric Francis covered the incident from the first day, documenting many problems with testing, cleanup, project engineering and safety theories. PCBs and dioxin were found on the campus, including in dormitories, chemicals which are associated with many persistent and multigenerational health concerns. The articles below document the situation. For more information, you may write to:

This collection includes Conspiracy of Silence, the "final report" in Sierra that looks at the century-long history of this annoying supertoxin. New Paltz is the campus article heard round the world.

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