Saturday, September 9, 2006

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By Judith Gayle, Planet Waves News Editor

THE FIRST anniversary of 9/11 found me cringing and bitching about what was being broadcast on the airwaves -- I don't know what it is about the American psyche but we always have to poke a stick into the twitching gore, keep it alive for one last bloody look. Think about the gazillion gallons of gas wasted in traffic jams, only to find a single car mishap, with you and everyone else late to work because of gawkers. As dreadful as the Towers falling were... watching people jump in slow motion is not the stuff of grieving, it's the stuff of ghouls.

Now, on the fifth anniversary, we have a restless and disenchanted populous and a desperate, chest-thumping president... so desperate he's quoting the old enemy he's been loathe to even mention these last years because of his failure to nail him -- and 9/11 will be milked for whatever bits of pathos, pseudo-patriotism and political spin it still holds.
Damned suspect, me'thinks, that the new Bin tape concerning 9/11 shows up now... call me skeptical. [Better yet, call me burned before.]

Here's a proposal [and from a TV junky, no less] -- let's turn the television OFF this weekend. Let's not bathe ourselves in bullshit. If you can't stand it without an entertainment fix, rent a movie from your list of "should have seen's" or "all time favorites."

Watch Loose Change, for another look at 9/11. Watch Fahrenheit 9/11 again. Rent V for Vendetta, Syriana, the original or the remake of Manchurian Candidate. Go with oldies like Wag the Dog or Air America. Or rent some "feel goods." I have a list that goes on for miles, but up there in the top ten is an oldie from the 50's that speaks to war and peace -- Friendly Persuasion, about the civil war and the community of Friends. Want a REAL fix? Rent Gandhi. Rent Lawrence of Arabia. Need a laugh? There's a zillion of those too, from old Marx brothers Duck Soup to nuts like Young Frankenstein and History of the World Part I. Want to see a REAL "clash of civilizations?" Rent Meet the Parents and Meet the Fokkers, and run them back to back for merry fun. Celebrate the victory of the human spirit over great odds -- hell, watch The Sound of Music... now THOSE were great odds!

There may be local peace vigils in your area -- look in the hometown newspaper. Make a space in your heart for some remembrance that actually HONORs those who died -- pop in a CD and dance -- invite loved ones over for a meal and a hug -- laugh and love on this weekend, for that IS how life honors life.

We hear a lot about junk food and junk science -- we're stuck in an epidemic of junk thought. We're sold a bill of goods about how America has changed forever and how dangerous the world has become and how pre-9/11 is dead and gone, post-9/11 is the new heart-wrenching reality that requires a "long war" that will extend into our children and grandchildren's experience. If ever there was a load of crap hoisted over this nation and dropped with a thud, that's it.

America has changed, surely, but the world has always been dangerous. Pre-9/11 is only dead and gone because we have a post-9/11 GEORGE W. BUSH and his black-hearted minions. The world is not the problem, 9/11 is not the problem -- GEORGE IS THE PROBLEM. Empiricism, violence and coercion, mindless militarism, ignorance and fear -- all these ARE THE PROBLEM. Dubby has spun us off into an alternate universe of endless terror and darkness and sadness -- but our swallowing that whole is a CHOICE.

Choose again! Turn off the TV. Celebrate life!


While I'm working on a new piece about the Sept. 11 astrology, here is a compilation of my old ones. I've added two that are not really astrological. One is a piece done by the Planet Waves staff on the first anniversary in 2002. These are first person accounts that I asked people to commit to writing so that they, and we, would not forget how we felt those days. The second is a piece I wrote six months after the incident, analyzing photos of the supposed airplane crash at the Pentagon. In my opinion, the damage to the Pentagon was not done by a commercial jet liner, but rather by a missile of some kind -- and the implications of this are, of course, interesting. Anyway -- sans ado, here are your articles. Check the homepage around the 11th for a new one. - efc

PS, this is our Sept. 11 resource area.


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