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Kingston, NY, Friday, Oct. 23, 2009

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Planet Waves
Weekly Horoscope for Friday, October 23, 2009 - BY PRIYA KALE

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Planet Waves
Aries (March 20-April 19)
Events are pulling you into the depths of a fiery surrender within a deeply intimate, creative, financial situation or relationship. This may scare you and you know there is no turning back from this point. But you do not have to worry about losing control as long as you are making conscious choices in each and every moment, based in the now rather than any sense of fear. You are entering a new karmic cycle within your relationships that will over the next two years bring you greater balance and solidity. Something may feel like a life-and-death situation but if you can try and avoid projection and overcome your fear of the unknown, there is a sweeter truth coming to light, steadying a precarious situation.

Planet Waves
Taurus (April 19- May 20)
There is a precarious situation surrounding your home or domestic living arrangements that you fear is going over the edge. But instead of worrying about the things you cannot control, I suggest you focus on the things you can. You are at the start of a journey cycle of bringing much-needed balance, beauty and harmony to your life. This involves making sure your work space is as beautiful as your living space. You are learning and teaching by example and experience, the fine 'art' of living. Keep your inner and outer worlds in balance, do what you need to do and then have faith. No matter what feels like such a matter of life and death, this is a turning point, taking you to a place where you can experience greater warmth, security and intimacy that comes from living your truth daily.

Planet Waves
Gemini (May 20- June 21)
You reach a turning point within a situation that has filled you with worry for a while. Now you enter a phase of conscious daily surrender to that which you love. A creative, financial or sexual situation is calling you forth to reach for your highest aspirations and act on your inspiration. This is a risk that will involve a daily commitment to what you choose. But this is not about throwing caution to the wind; rather it is about making conscious choices to live your truth daily, deeply. This is a two-year karmic cycle that will teach you your power to create your reality every day, with every choice you make. Not with your head, but with your heart and being.

Planet Waves
Cancer (June 21- July 22)
You are entering a phase of solidifying your foundations and building the kind of home and security you need. But at the same time you may be filled with a desire to escape a difficult situation -- anywhere but here. Or there may be a situation calling you overseas or to the distant shores of your imagination. Emotionally, financially you can have the freedom and security you crave as long as you are transparent with those involved. You are learning the lessons of honesty within your most important relationships. Without which even the most fancy home will crumble with a puff of a wind. A house does not make a home, so make sure you are separating your fantasy from a deeper truth that is coming to your awareness.

Planet Waves
Leo (July 22- Aug. 23)
You've been driven with desire to make important changes to a domestic situation or situation involving your sense of security. No matter what is filling you with fire and a sense of urgency, go slow in your quest for truth. Get honest with yourself about aspects of your past that you want to leave behind. You are not a powerless child anymore and know just how much you have to offer. You can have important conversations within your emotional and financial partnerships that go a long way in soothing your worried mind. You will be making important agreements now, teaching you that commitment need not be a scary thing. It just means standing strong in your actions and words, from the inside out. Not out of any sense of obligation, but because you choose to. When in doubt stick with reality, facts and the truth.

Planet Waves
Virgo (Aug. 23- Sep. 22)
You reach a turning point this week within that will summon you to be honest about your fears and secrets. This may concern a partnership or deeply intimate sexual situation. No matter what is filling you with the fear of God, if you can dare to talk about something openly you will find there is nothing to fear but fear itself. After an arduous journey of having to stay healthy and strong to meet the crazy challenges life has thrown at you, the pressure comes off this week. You know now you can only be true to yourself. You are entering a journey that involves putting this awareness into practice on a daily basis. This will go a long way toward rebuilding your self-esteem and as a result healing yourself as well as your emotional and financial partnerships.

Planet Waves
Libra (Sep. 22 - Oct. 23)
No matter what has filled you with a sense of foreboding in the recent past, you know now you cannot worry about the unknown. You can only deal with what is present and in the here and now. Recognize your own need to be in control, rather than project any feelings of rage or helplessness onto a situation. Let go of fear and be honest with yourself first about who you are and what you want to create within your life and relationships. You are entering a phase of examining, establishing and evolving your primary relationship with yourself. From which you can create all the emotional, sexual and tangible abundance you need.

Planet Waves
Scorpio (Oct. 23- Nov. 22)
You reach an important turning point within a professional situation this week giving you the opportunity to reclaim your lost glory. It may seem scary and feel like a risk, but when have you been known to shy away from surrender? Often it is you that stands in the way of your success rather than any external threats of failure. Over the next six months or so you are discovering your true place in the world by taking creative risks daily, consciously. This is also the beginning of a two-year phase of deeper soul search, one that will anchor you in the greater benevolent love that surrounds you. There is at least one soulful relationship you share that wants to offer you the kind of emotional and financial security you've longed for. But more than anything tangible, this is teaching you about the deeper meaning of belonging and your most sacred relationships. This includes God and all those that bring you closer to him.

Planet Waves
Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - Dec. 22)
This week brings a turning point, liberating you from a situation that has lately filled you with deeper fears. You've worked hard to build a solid reputation based on your deep sense of ethics and integrity. No matter what has seemed like an endless burden to support you are finally due to start receiving the rewards for your hard work. An important conversation you have regarding an emotional or financial partnership will require you to be extremely honest with yourself first, about your doubts as well as suspicions. Talk openly about all your doubts and concerns rather than project them. You are beginning a phase taking you onward on your quest for freedom. This involves the highest truth for all. You've always lived by these principles; now you get to teach others by your example. This is your gift to the world.

Planet Waves
Capricorn (Dec. 22- Jan. 20)
You've always been successful, but the recent past has given you higher perspective on the greater meaning of your life. Now comes the time to put your gained knowledge and wisdom into practice, doing what you were born to do, reclaiming your true position on top of the world. Be truthful in all your financial and emotional partnerships and agreements. Something may feel like a risk but this is about finding courage in the face of your fears. There is a reason Capricorn is the sign of success. You know the secret to success is to work hard and the rewards will come. This has little to do with fame, although that will come. You are entering a phase of building and creating your life based on your highest standards, deepest values and being true to yourself. Not to the definitions of society. You can make a fine art out of this.

Planet Waves
Aquarius (Jan. 20- Feb. 19)
An important professional or personal partnership situation reaches a turning point this week. It may feel like you are being asked to surrender control, but if you can avoid projecting any sense of powerlessness this is an important lesson teaching you that you are the authority of your life, no one else. You create your life daily by living it with a sense of adventure and passionate abandon, but you are also learning your limits. This need not scare you but rather it is helping you to tame your ambitions and create a fine art out of living life while consciously reaching for your highest aspirations. You've always been a crusader for peace and justice. Consider this the beginning of your journey, leading you on a quest for the highest truth.

Planet Waves
Pisces (Feb. 19- March 20)
You are entering a hugely karmic phase within your life and within your deepest intimate and financial relationships. You may fear this is the end of your sense of freedom and adventure. Be willing to look at your own doubts, suspicions and fears rather than project them on another. There is a deeply intimate, sexual or creative partnership that could tangibly and emotionally go a long way in improving your sense of well-being. But this will mean you must be willing to listen to the truth being spoken. If you face your fears consciously you can now develop agreements and relationships that are rock solid in this ever-changing world. It may feel like a delicate balancing act. But as long as you can be honest with yourself and others at all times, this will only deepen your commitments, leaving you free to roam.

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