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As Pluto changes signs to Capricorn, everyone is wondering the same thing: What's next?

There is an edge of uncertainty in the air. Many people are nervous; we can feel the movement in our bodies. This is natural enough as we leave behind what is familiar and embark on not just a new chapter of our lives, but in truth walk into a whole new library; a new dimension of experience. Who better to keep you informed along this wild ride than the astrojournalism team at Planet Waves?

Enter: Next World Stories. Our tradition (now 11 years running) is to create a year-ahead edition that offers my detailed, passionate, extended-length horoscopes. These will cover the most important transits of 2009, including Pluto in Capricorn, the conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius, Saturn in Libra and the Saturn-Uranus opposition: the transits that are changing the world.

We cover the minor planets, too -- Eris, the Centaurs, the most interesting asteroids and other key pieces in the puzzle of your soul. These will be presented clearly and eloquently for your zodiac sign, covering personal growth, finances, relationships and your inner quest as only Planet Waves can.

We're also developing coverage of the incredible transits from 2009 through 2012, as we reach the culmination of the Mayan calendar's 13th baktun (the so-called "end of the Mayan calendar"). We have the best in both personal and collective astrology with updates through the whole year -- including the monthly horoscopes. (It does not include my weekly essays and horoscopes, which are part of Planet Waves Astrology News.)

Next World Stories includes coverage of economic developments and the delicate transition from the Bush era to the Obama era, including a detailed look at the United States charts (as the U.S. begins its Pluto return). We have a Pluto in Sagittarius timeline, and a look at the last time Pluto was in Capricorn more than 200 years ago. We also offer chart resources, a guide to the astrological houses and much more. All of our most visionary writers will be contributing, including many of our most talented authors from previous years' annuals.

In short, we've designed this annual edition to be irresistible.

Next World Stories is scheduled to be published on the first week of January. For more details, read the product description below, or pre-order at this link.

Thank you for your business, and for making this our most amazing, successful annual edition ever.

For the Next World Stories team, this is
Eric Francis

Planet Waves
Next World Astrology. Introducing the Pluto in Capricorn era that takes us through 2012 and beyond, Eric Francis uses astrology as a visioning tool to help you create your reality in the Next World. Featuring a section on financial astrology and global economics for each sign, this year's annual horoscopes are required reading for those who seek wisdom from astrology and are curious about the effects of the newly discovered planets. The extraordinary events of 2009, including the triple Aquarius conjunction and Saturn opposite Uranus, provide a momentous opportunity to reshape our lives and reconsider our psychic orientation to life. Astrological footnotes are included for each sign, as is our excellent chart resource area.

Planet Waves
This World's Stories offers an overview of 2009, with discussions of transits, astrojournalism coverage of the 2008 election, the presidential inauguration astrology, the transition out of the Bush era and the ongoing global financial restructuring. Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn changing signs later in the year portend many unusual developments. We will also be watching the Aquarius alignment, the Aries Point and of course, Eris.Tapping into our international news network, and tuning into the asteroids and comets, we cover imminent historical developments like no one else can.

Planet Waves
Next World Planets explores key asteroids and new outer planets -- a Planet Waves specialty, picking up where we left off in Small World Stories. Most astrology is still working with the "nine planets," having no idea how to integrate the new discoveries. Ongoing through 2009, our astrologers will tell you about Achilles, Amor, Apollo, Astraea, Atlantis, Borasisi, Ceres, Ceto, Chiron, Eris, Eros, Hidalgo, Icarus, Juno, Makemake, Pallas Athene, Psyche, QB1, Sappho, Tantalus, Typhon and Vesta. We'll update you on the latest discoveries and namings by the International Astronomical Union.

Planet Waves
Next World Stories. What will life be like as the Uranus-Pluto-Saturn T-square does its number on the world? What about the post 2012-era? We have some ideas. Our most visionary writers (including Rachel Asher, Fe Bongolan, Eric Francis, Judith Gayle, Genevieve Salerno, Carol van Strum and others) offer fictional news stories, blog entries, and book and film reviews from the future. Covering science, politics, sex, environmental developments, technology and the arts, Next World Stories offers a glimpse of the strange, the ordinary and the improbable.

Planet Waves
Astrology Resources Area. Next World Stories features an expanded astrology resources area, including the major charts for 2009 (equinoxes, solstices, eclipses, special events and the full set of United States charts). Unique in all the Internet, our resources area is an extra for those who are curious about the charts behind the astrology. It includes a special section on the astrological houses, access to our Planet Wiki encyclopedia, and many other features.

Next World Stories - 2009 Subscription Structure

Next World Stories is our most comprehensive annual edition ever. We are now offering the 12 signs of Next World Stories individually ($12.95) or for a substantial discount when you purchase three or more signs. Here is the pre-ordering link. Everyone who purchases one or more signs will also get access to ALL of the materials described above, including our excellent chart resources area. If you would like to explore our past annual editions, please check out Parallel Worlds, The Spiral Door and Small World Stories.

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