Solstice Report
Paris, July, 2007

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End-of-day sun falling behind Ryan Mountain in Joshua Tree National Park. Photo by Danielle Voirin.
End-of-day sun falling behind Ryan Mountain in Joshua Tree National Park. Photo by Danielle Voirin.

Planet Waves

Aries (March 20-April 19)
The time has come to confront a sense of loss and angst that seems to take up all the space you need for pleasure and abundance. It's as if someone took something from you, and you now have the opportunity to go on a hunt for just what that may be. It may seem inappropriate to bring any aggression to this deeply sensitive endeavor, but you must assert yourself in a way that is unusual for you. You are more accustomed to directing your energy outward rather than inward; to seeking answers surfing the usual channels of ideas and emotional sentiment. What you do over the next few weeks will feel like more of a struggle, or even an upheaval against the ways in which you tend to be set in your ways. Just remember, you are looking for a lost item of some kind, but here is a clue. It's an emotional, spiritual or sexual quality that you not only did not lose yourself, but which you were never properly given. Someone else lost it, long before you were born.
Taurus (April 19-May 20)
You seem to be hesitating, or creeping around the edges of a romantic situation or creative endeavor without entirely understanding why. You need to live through this one, but I can take an educated guess that the moral of the story will be reassessing why you are so self-critical; indeed, admitting to yourself that this is so. If you can feel this basic condition, you'll be able to understand how it is that you are so easily paralyzed when it comes time to take certain kinds of chances in life. You may be sad that this quality has cost you so many opportunities, yet the greater loss has been approaching what could be physical and emotional experience from an intellectual perspective. This quality, commonly called "being in your head," is so natural to you that you may not even notice, though I trust that at times you may be fully aware of the tendency. Yet note, it is only experience -- not analysis -- that will teach you to liberate yourself.
Gemini (May 20-June 21)
There are some places within yourself that it's not entirely comfortable to go, but you seem to be going there. There are feelings about yourself that you don't entirely like to admit, but you seem to be aware of them now. This trip is taking you back, back, back, to places you forgot long ago; to events that shaped your awareness; to the things that were said to you as a child, the impact of which was predominantly emotional. Yet your emotional reaction shaped your relationship to yourself and to existence. I recognize that in these weeks of your life, you may feel out of your element, and be struggling with deep insecurity. You may feel like you're in a struggle with your own integrity, and worse yet, you may feel like the entire future is masked from your awareness. At the moment, you don't need to see the future, or even think about it much. The way to finding the present is through the past, or what is commonly called the past.
Cancer (June 21-July 22)
Focus your intent, but do so gently. Take your time and reflect, and consider how you feel. Make sure that timing your moves is utmost on your list of priorities. You don't want to take action too soon, and you may choose to temporarily slow down your outer-world progress, tracking the current path of Mercury retrograde in your sign. If you seem to be getting nowhere, you can count on the station-direct of Mercury on July 9 to help you shift your energy in a constructive direction. Meantime, I suggest you make no attempt to judge your progress. The hitch you are looking for, so you can unhitch it, is a point along that delicate membrane where your feelings dictate what you think is possible, and where what you think is possible dictates your feelings. This thin sheet of psychic tissue is only a few cells thick. Allow the material of the past and of the present to filter through gently till you get the perfect balance, and while you're at it, drink a lot of water.
Leo (July 22-Aug. 23)
Planets are now quite active in the corner of your chart known as the 12th house, which is the sign Cancer, giving you the feeling of living in two entirely different worlds. Mercury and the Sun are quite literally illuminating the dark, like an underwater opera where the stage lights were suddenly thrown on deep in the crevices of coral reefs, caves and the wide plateaus of your inner awareness. You may notice what seems like your whole life going by before your emotions. Long-forgotten memories will have a tendency to bubble up to full awareness. You may wonder what to do with them, and the only answer to that is to be aware. What Carl Jung called "big dreams" are possible -- those revelatory journeys that show us the most poignant symbols of our lives, and reveal the myths we live by. Clearly, it is time for new stories to guide your existence, but to have them you will need to witness and release the old ones. Be gentle with everyone as you do.
Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22)
You seem to be in the process of negotiating with your idealism. What is realistic, what is possible, and what from the "impossible" category is worth attempting? There are no right answers to these questions, nor can you know in advance which of your current investments, endeavors or relationships will bear the fruit you can almost taste. You simply must persist, but it's not a persistence of logic; rather, you can guide yourself by the tides of your feelings, which at times will seem to be on the ebb and the flood simultaneously. The one thing you can do that will set you way ahead is to be completely honest with yourself about how you feel, and how you feel about the people who surround you. The chances are you will learn some things about friends and associates that you were not expecting to find out. Some of this may fall under the heading of what the world these days calls "too much information," but I assure you there is no such thing.
Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23)
You now have a chance to start over on a crucial business or professional project that you know can make a significant difference in your life, and in the lives of many others. This opportunity takes you back to the most basic elements of who you are. You need a profession where you have the actual space and time to take care of people. You cannot stretch the definition of this; working "with people" or with the public is not enough. Your role in life is to convey actual nourishment, where it is actually needed. An idea for how to do this is at hand -- indeed, many ideas. They may not have percolated to the surface of your mind yet, though you seem to be on the right track. What you learned in mid-June is still extremely relevant; the strength and assuredness you were feeling at the time of the solstice June 21 are still with you, even though you seem to go through these mad storms of total self-doubt. Your best ideas and most intuitive points of contact are like the Sun shining behind the clouds.
Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22)
It would seem that a relationship has come under intense scrutiny the past few weeks. The issue seems to be expectations. On another level, authority issues seem to be popping up every time you flip the channel. What you want to avoid is a showdown. What you're passing through with a close friend, partner or loved one is indeed a phase, and thankfully the planets keep on moving. You can view it as a test, or as an opportunity to be aware and go to another level. It may be easier for you to be aware than for them, but you'll need to work with what you've got. The other party to this equation is getting the feeling that you absolutely must, somehow, some way, go beyond your past. This is likely to be making them wonder whether what you really want to do is go beyond the relationship. Be reassuring. Speak with your words and your actions, and when in doubt, go hiking or to the movies alone -- he or she needs time to reflect, and may not know it.
Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22)
You'll discover that your faith was not misplaced -- I feel confident saying this, no matter how challenging the next week or two may be. Certainly, recent events have not exactly inspired you to walk on water, or on hot coals -- indeed, even the simplest things may feel impossible. They are not; they are just taking their sweet time at the moment. You will need to tread a fine line with a close partner during all of this, and to be particularly careful in relationships that are formative or not on totally solid ground. Someone needs space, but they also need to know that you are present and attentive. You will need to use your sixth sense; I promise you there is, on the one hand, plenty they are not saying, and on the other, plenty they would say if they had the words. The air is rife with mixed signals, so you will want to keep your signals straight, particularly your inner ones. Even if you don't know what someone else is feeling, know what you're feeling.
Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20)
Recent fireworks in a key relationship have done nothing to dampen your enthusiasm, but you need to keep careful track of your timing, and that of someone you care about. If you have not noticed, it's been a rocky time for many couples, and if you'll take a survey you'll discover that most of the people involved don't really understand what's going on. That will inspire the curious and frustrate the thickheaded: choose your side of the brain. It seems that everything that unfolds in these days of our lives potentially resembles a relational soap opera, and it will be challenging not to get caught in the psychodrama. But how exactly can you avoid this? Yes, well, how about by going on fewer dates, taking a few long trips alone and not answering the telephone after 6 pm. Of course, you don't want any part of that, so you may consider doubling your therapy schedule. Just remember, if you try to work it out in bed, do so consciously and moreover honestly -- or you'll be working it out for quite a while.
Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19)
You now have all the key pieces of your new financial strategy, and you may be wondering just when you'll get to put them to work. You've already begun to do so, mainly because the key element in your strategy, the winning one, is a two-pronged approach and you're working with both prongs. One is knowing what is important to you, and not forgetting. I mean this and I really mean it: you must maintain a carefully made list of priorities and know exactly when you're deviating one millimeter. Second is you need to balance out considering the value of planning for the future and the importance of being present in the moment. Both are essential. Foresight is key to your success and prosperity right now, the kind of specific foresight that people wish they had, and to which you have access. Part two is knowing when to apply effort and when to apply strategy. Every time you're going to apply effort, pause and ask if it's necessary; your brains currently outweigh your brawn -- by a lot, mind you.
Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)
I've long had this literary dream of remembering as many of my erotic and romantic experiences as I could coax or dredge from my memory, telling the stories and feeling for the one thread that connects them all. I know there's karma in them there hills (and valleys and alleys), and I know there's gold, too. Current aspects present an opportunity to learn your own history, to discover the hidden truth of your erotic nature, and to explore and experiment. But most important, it's time to harmonize yourself with your sexual history. By harmonize, I mean review, consider the people involved, remember the feelings involved, and get a sense of the journey -- particularly your early journey, your very first few lovers and before that, your concepts and ideas about what a relationship would be. I would remind you that central to the Pisces idea of eroticism is nourishment. What you live through in these weeks can teach you exactly how you may give and receive that nourishment the most effectively, and pleasurably, and honestly.

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