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Mars energy links 12/10/05 - 12/17/05

Bencefield Oil Depot Blast (BBC): News article about the Bencefield, UK Oil Depot Blast.
Nigerian Air Crash (BBC)
Pakistan Wedding Bus Fire (BBC) plus additional report (BBC)
Geysers appearing in Oklahoma (ChannelOKlahoma)
Fatal Gas Blast (BBC) One man dies in a blast and fire at an aerosol factory.
New Jersey apartment block gas blast and fire (CNN)
Dam breached in Missouri (Kansas City Star) : Dam breach in Missouri. Dam is close to geological fault system.
Augustine Volcano rumbling (Alaska Volcano Observatory Information Release) : Alaskan Volcano rumbling possibly prior to an eruption. (began rumbling over the weekend of 10th -11th December)
Fire Thursday in a Chinese Hospital (Yahoo AFP): A fire in a Chinese Hospital left 39 dead.
Explosion Thursday at Russian Nuclear Power Plant (CNN): Explosion in a smelter on the site of a Russian Nuclear Power Plant
Radiation alert at  Chechen plant  (BBC): Radioactive waste is found at a Chechen factory - 58,000 times higher than normal levels
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