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New York, Tuesday, April 12, 2011

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Varuna square Eris, in your own words

Dear Friend and Reader:

There are many ways to do astrology; up until recently, however, you learned most of what you found out from books, which were usually written in the distant past. You consulted the book for 'what something means'.

Today, however, we live in an era where there are many newly-discovered planets, and most of these are not written about in books. Their discovery, as astrological factors, is an active process. Learning astrology is more of an adventure than it's ever been, and the 'authoritative' ideas of the past are not the only reference point; they cannot be, since so much is changing. History, mythology and astrological traditions, I believe, are all factors that need to be acknowledged and worked with, and then we can explore our impressions of the moment in an authentic way, in an open dialog.

Over the weekend, I invited Planet Waves subscribers to share their comments about the ongoing aspect Varuna square Eris. This is a meeting of two very slow-moving points (both slower than Pluto) orbiting our Sun. One was discovered in 2000 and the other in 2005, so they are pretty new. For the most part, mainstream and most alt astrology ignores them. These points don't appear in books. But they are living, vital factors, and in our moment of global chaos and our unusual need to rise to the occasion of both a world in transition, and a self in transition, we need all the help we can get.

I've published the responses in today's subscriber edition, which I'm sharing with all readers. What you have here are their direct impressions of life and astrology (in that order). It's truly a privilege to be able to publish this, in part because I've gained so much understanding from the thoughts of the people for whom I am usually the writer.

This is a long article, too much for most people to read in one sitting. But it's composed of many vignettes, some of them being a few sentences and others several paragraphs. From this, I think you'll see that we enjoy a unique relationship with our subscribers, whose ideas (many of which arrive in short, spontaneous emails) actively help me co-create what you read in Planet Waves.

What you're about to read has opened up a world for me and is -- I assure you -- something unique in all of astrology. Through this process we are delineating two points that are in an ongoing discovery, and which speak to the times in which we live, while we're living them.

Thank you to all who contributed. If you sent me an email and it does not appear in the issue, please remind me and I will post it to the comments area below this post on the free blog. New comments welcome! Here is the link to the edition.

Don't miss the links to the larger sized photos. We want you to remember you read this.

Yours & truly,
Eric Francis

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