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Kingston, NY, Friday, Dec. 10, 2010

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Where are you getting your astrological information? More to the point, where is your astrologer getting it?

Dear Planet Waves Reader:

With Mercury going retrograde and two eclipses rapidly approaching (in the midst of the holidays, no less), I'm wondering -- where are you getting your astrological information?

Eric Francis
The astrology you get is only as good as the astrologer you are reading. Often, that comes down to a lot more than their skill at reading the planets. An astrologer follows the energy patterns, true enough -- but an astrologer is also a philosopher. Astrology is more about ideas than it is about 'planets' and 'signs'.

When an astrologer looks at the charts, they're seeing symbols on the page -- and seeing a reflection of what's in their own mind. This may seem like an unusual admission, but there is no 'objective' reading of astrology. It's possible to follow the old rules, and more times than not, those old rules turn up a pessimistic answer rather than a solution or an idea. We need fresh ideas and approaches for our truly unique moment of history. That's what I offer you in Planet Waves.

This morning, Mercury stationed retrograde in Capricorn. It did so in an exact conjunction to Pluto, positioned in an extremely sensitive spot on the zodiac. That suggests big movement in your inner world, and corresponding movement in the outer world. In short, this is a rich moment for personal progress at the same time the world around us is getting restless, stretching into new shapes and opening up with unusual opportunities.

In this week's Planet Waves, I describe how the nexus of personal and political works -- and how you can make it work for you. You're not going to read these ideas in any other astrology column or horoscope. While other astrologers may be offering some good advice (or so we can hope), I'm offering a vision. I provide you with in-depth analysis designed to help you figure out your place in the world -- the world as it's changing right now, and you, as you are being summoned to awaken and participate in those changes. Participate might mean looking for a job, or taking a more active role in the quickening energy that everyone is feeling.

There is a reason why our subscribers are happy to pay for what other websites give away for free. The reason is, I'm offering something unique in the world, designed to help you let go of the past, tap your creativity and spur your life forward.

For a preview of this week's edition of Planet Waves, check this link.

Yours & truly,
Eric Francis

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