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New York, Friday, Feb. 25, 2011

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What is going on? Mars and Chiron in Pisces
Dear friend of Planet Waves,

Yesterday I ran into a friend of mine who said, "Amanda, I was thinking of calling you. What is going on astrologically right now?" She was feeling worked up with rage -- much of it tied directly to a past lifetime but triggered by a current event -- and intuition was telling her something bigger than herself was in the mix.

Planet Waves
Photo in Krakow, Poland by Eric Francis.
I mentioned the current Chiron transits in Pisces: Mars conjunct Chiron which was exact yesterday, and Mercury-Chiron earlier this week. Anything aspecting Chiron will bring the theme of old wounds surfacing into awareness, calling on us to take action in addressing and healing them. For some of us, this may mean injury from a year ago, decades ago or even from past lifetimes, as was the case for her.

We were able to connect the dots: Mercury-Chiron related to her speaking up on a community issue, being called 'unpatriotic' for her opinion, and her anger and disbelief that no one else would speak up about that. It totally triggered her most recent past life, in which she was enraged that no one else would speak up about the atrocities she was seeing in Nazi Germany. That is an intense, deep wound to her determination to communicate, and her inner male/warrior is raging over being restricted in the ability to take action. Enter Mars-Chiron.

In general, Mars-Chiron is bringing up intense energy around men, our masculine side, drive, gender rage, suppressed desire, homophobia, sex and the ways these themes impact our relationships. Eric told me the checkout girl at the health food store just asked him, "So why is half the store breaking up with their partner?" The friction of Mars-Chiron involves taking action on the awareness we're being granted, and is playing out as relationship dramas for some. Many are seeing how certain relationships are not quite 'real', and they are realigning under the tension. With the conjunctions to Chiron happening in Pisces, we're all feeling this awareness very deeply and emotionally; which means we'll also feel when we're moving in the right direction, regardless how our intellect may try to rationalize stasis. Stasis simply is not an option, if we're serious about healing.

We're seeing Mars-Chiron play out in the wider world, too. President Obama just directed the Justice Department not to uphold the Defense of Marriage Act. Not only does this shine some light on the homophobia that drove that legislation, but it opens the door to considering what constitutes 'real' relationships on a cultural level. One could say Gaddafi's brutal attacks on his own citizens in Libya are a case of Martian energy gone toxic, flaring in a way that has gotten the world's attention. Chiron turns our collective focus toward Libya's need to heal its society. Some of us are starting to wake up to the parallels in our own.

The question is, how are you feeling these Chiron transits in Pisces? Are you all flow? Consumed in a whirl of rage like my friend? Suddenly questioning an intimate relationship that no longer feels right for you? Encountering inner conflict and guilt over your sexual desires?

I'm curious to hear, if you are interested in sharing. Either email me at amanda [at] planetwaves.net or visit the Planet Waves blog to join in a public discussion under the sample post of today's subscriber issue. Whatever you're feeling, you're not alone.

Yours & truly,
Amanda Painter

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