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New York City, Friday, July 9, 2010

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Note to Readers: This is the last issue of Astrology News before the solar eclipse this weekend. It looks in detail at the current eclipses together -- the lunar of June 26 and solar of July 11 -- discussing how they comment on our relationships and our emotional nature. The overarching theme is water -- both the literal and figurative kind -- and it seems we have a lot of recovery work to do in both realms, if we're willing. We have a couple convenient ways you can subscribe to Astrology News and read this analysis in full, along with horoscopes for all 12 signs every week. One is a discounted six month subscription for $34.95 (normally $44.95). The other is a free one month trial subscription.

In the Nature of Water

Dear Fellow Traveler:

We have nearly arrived at the total solar eclipse in Cancer. There are many kinds of eclipses, and this is just the second total solar eclipse in Cancer since the June 2001 event that rewrote existence. (The most recent was last July.) The June 21, 2001 eclipse was precisely on the Aries Point, in the first degree of the sign Cancer. In other words, it happened on the solstice, and was extraordinarily powerful for that reason.

Planet Waves
Sunday's total solar eclipse in Cancer, set for the location of the astrologer. The eclipse itself is on the top right side of the chart -- note the Moon and the Sun with the number 19 next to them (that is the degree location). Juno is the purple asterisk-like glyph to their right. The inverted horse shoe is the South Node of the Moon. When the Sun is near either one of the Moon's nodes, you know that an eclipse is in the vicinity. Also of note is the cluster of planets in Virgo. These are on the top left of the chart. In order the planets in Virgo are Venus, Vesta, Mars and Saturn. Saturn is about to ingress Libra and make its 5th and last opposition to Uranus (in blue, directly opposite Saturn).
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Now we have many other planets gathered around the Aries Point, all of them aligned in the cardinal signs. Those are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto, as well as the lunar nodes. I am aware that this time in our lives is offering many people more stress and change than they can process. The eclipses are intensifying the effect: we will be in different territory Monday after the conjunction, and as the energy shifts we will gradually see where that is.

So take it as easy as you can, talk to people you resonate with rather than those who resist your perception, and move with the energy. Given that the eclipse is in the sign Cancer, that means high emotions and, as you will read later, some stress on partnerships. Do that crablike thing and move sideways if you need to. Focus on your basic needs.

There are a lot of planets in Virgo right now, and Saturn is changing signs: these factors point to additional mental stress. So go easy on the self-critique, and if your lover isn't giving it to you, give it to yourself.

Oil Spill As Metaphor

Cancer is a water sign. It's difficult to think about water without remembering the Gulf of Mexico, the Loop Current and the Gulf Stream. Everyone has their favorite place in that part of the world and I keep thinking about what is going to happen to Key West. Yesterday I heard that tar balls washed up on the Texas coast. Maybe that will get them into the game: we need a state with a lot of influence to keep the pressure on BP and the feds. I've also heard that by August we could expect the oil spill to reach Miami. That's a lot of beachfront real estate, something to consider for those who don't care about dolphins.

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Parsing The American Dream | Political Waves

Archie Bunker. That's a name most of us recognize, the prototype for ignorance, bias and racism wrapped in an almost -- but not quite -- loveable package of human frailty. Norman Lear's creation of a 1970s American family as cultural battleground cracked open the mythology of sanitized television families that had been force-fed to the public through the 1950s and 1960s. For the first five years of All In The Family, the nation couldn't look away. The character of Archie was originally designed to remain unlikable, but Carroll O'Connor brought a vulnerability to the role that broke through the bigoted crust of a population mesmerized by its own image. In the end, Archie was allowed to evolve into a gentler creature, but it should be noted that as he did so, the public lost interest.

There's another name being bandied about these days, a name some of us recognize but few of us know much about. Herbert Hoover, our one-term 31st president, was a curious creature who combined both softly liberal and sharply conservative views. He was skilled at problem-solving and organizing, with a reputation for stringent micromanaging. He put his faith in volunteerism and business rather than in government sponsorship, carefully guarding both the GDP and the public coffers, and streamlining spending. He inherited a fiscal mess and let the banks fail in the early 1930s. When he finally decided the economy needed government stimulus, it was too little too late.

Hoover was an austerity president who believed that the public could pull itself up by its bootstraps. He staunchly refused to offer public aid when the Great Depression took root, even when nearly a quarter of the population were without work and homeless. Tent cities sprang up boasting his name: Hoovervilles. In one of those gaffes one is never able to live down, he defended his policies by announcing that the hobos were eating better than ever. Archie Bunker might have said something similar, and now you know why you're hearing Hoover's name in the news.

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Planet Waves 2010 Midyear Report is Ready

Dear Fellow Traveler:

The midyear audio report is ready. For subscribers, this is a 12-signs-for-one-price audio product. Originally planned at 10 minutes per sign, it came out to about 25 minutes per sign, with an introduction for all the signs. This report will work for your Sun, Moon and rising signs -- and you can even scope out what's going on with your kids and significant others. The report is ready. I've raised the price for all 12 by $5 as promised; the project came out so well that the signs are being sold individually to non-subscribers. The report covers outer planet transits, the cardinal T-square and the eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn. It's solid astrological work and I trust you will find it helpful.

Last week a reader asked how to work with the rising sign aspect of my reports, and I'll get to that in a moment.

As you know, we're in the midst of one of the most unusual alignments of our lifetimes. This is the cardinal T-square that is synonymous with 2012. At the heart of the matter is the square of Uranus and Pluto, the one that will make the Sixties look like a walk in the park. That square is within three degrees now, joined by Jupiter, Saturn and a pair of eclipses. All of this is lined up with the Aries Point, which is like a magnifying/focusing effect. Everyone is affected by this astrology no matter what their sign.

Some people are experiencing this as calm weather, and by the way, I don't suggest you worry about that. There are some individuals and some charts aligned harmoniously with the current process of rapid change. When you look back on these years you will be amazed at what you experienced, who you became and what you accomplished.

For others, there is quite a bit of unrest, turbulence, pressure and weirdness, and you may be wondering what is next. This report will be applicable to both perspectives, because they are two sides of the same process.

The audio introduction is about half an hour, then each sign gets about 25 minutes devoted to it. I am also including a wrap-up segment summarizing what I learned doing the 12 signs, covering the eclipses specifically. The report is ready now, well in time for the total solar eclipse on July 11. We're offering this for only $24.95 to existing clients now. Later on in the week, we will be selling each sign separately, so you'll save substantially by ordering right away.

What About my Rising Sign?

I write Sun-sign horoscopes and detailed reports that work whether you know your natal chart or not -- that is my specialty.

Planet Waves
Now for the reader question, which pertains to how (for example) the Aquarius birthday report relates to Aquarius rising; or how any one of the signs in the Midyear Report works for your rising sign.

The great Patric Walker, one of my spiritual mentors, once said of astrology: "It's all about the houses." He was a newspaper astrologer, so he meant the solar houses of a horoscope column.

He meant it for natal charts as well. It's possible to take a chart with an accurate ascendant (based on your birth time) and strip out all the planets and just read the house pattern -- that's how well houses work. So when I think through your astrology, about 51% of my energy goes into what house an influence (such as an eclipse) occurs in. For your Sun sign, I use the solar house system, which works beautifully. I also suggest you know your rising sign and pay as much attention to my interpretation for that sign as you do for your Sun sign. And as a Cancer rising Moon child, I pay attention to lunar energy all the time. So the better you know your chart, the more information you'll have available from my work -- and the better the value.

To find your rising sign, all you need is your birth time and a five-minute trip to Astro.com. If you don't feel like doing that, your Sun sign (also called your birth sign) will give you the information you're looking for.

Here is the link to order your Midyear Report from Planet Waves (instant delivery). Subscribers can still get all 12 signs for one price -- $24.95. If you're currently a subscriber to Planet Waves Astrology News, renew early combined with the report and get a discount on both. Make sure you use the same email address that your issues come to!

For readers who have not subscribed to Cosmic Confidential, here is a combined offer for $44.95 -- all 12 signs of Cosmic Confidential plus all 12 signs of the 2010 Midyear Report. If you purchase the combined offer, you will receive instant access to Cosmic Confidential, your confirmation letter will contain access info for the Midyear Report, and you will receive an email notice when the Midyear Report is done.

You can also order by phone by calling Chelsea at (206) 567-4455. Thank you for doing your metaphysical shopping at Planet Waves.

Yours & truly,
Eric Francis

Planet Waves
Weekly Horoscope for Friday, July 9, 2010, #823 - BY ERIC FRANCIS

Cancer (June 21- July 22)
Western culture, particularly the United States, seems bent on denying the past. Yet in order to grow, we have to make peace with the past, take the information we need and let history go: which is different than denial. Indeed, it's precisely the opposite use of the mind. At the moment, your relationship to yourself is evolving rapidly, and that in turn is shifting your relationships to others. This is having visible and productive results. The past has weighed heavily on your emotional life, and it's only recently that you've been able to acknowledge your disillusionment and admit what you want. You're well on your way to finding the present, and you are more emotionally available than you've been in a long time. This is something to neither rush or to delay, but to embrace consciously. Then spread that energy to everyone you meet. Notice who they are, today.

Scorpio (Oct. 23- Nov. 22)
Rather than having faith in a relationship, I suggest you aim to trust existence. In order to do this, you must have faith in yourself: a precious and rare element on our planet. In our world, we put enormous energy into romance, marriage, expectations, commitments and striving for the perfect bond. Then it's as if we don't notice how often this fails. Yet the thing we're really not noticing is what it's a substitute for, which is clarity, self-respect and faith in existence. If you look, you can see why. The more we run toward supposedly permanent emotional entanglements, the less emphasis we place on who we are. They're mutually exclusive because our relationships are so often based on something other than who we are. No matter what you're experiencing right now, you can trust that you're moving closer to the truth of yourself.

Pisces (Feb. 19- March 20)
This weekend's eclipse pulls back the veil over some of the aspects of your life that are the most precious to you: emotional bonding, meaningful sensual pleasure, your creative passions and your sense of adventure. AndI am sure it comes as welcome news that you're at a culmination point. You don't need to eat from this whole buffet at once, though there is certainly a meal coming. Rather, imagine yourself fully entering this dimension of your life, finally allowing yourself to relax the emphasis on so many things that supposedly violate your true nature. You're not giving up everything you've learned; it will still be there when you need it. What has been lacking is your full commitment to what you want, and this is that part that you alone can offer. If you find you're giving yourself reasons why not, stop looking for reasons of any kind. Indulge your experience because you can. Be real because that's the thing to be.

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