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Kingston, NY, Friday, July 24, 2009

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The Chart that Proves Astrology

Dear Friend and Reader:

In one of my fantasy-fiction experiments, I'm taken back to the summer of 1969 by a character called Fade, a kind of nature sprit who can incarnate as human. She inhabits the East Woods on the Grandmother Land, and she's been there for quite a long time. The 60s were a particularly fun time for her because there were many tripping, sexually lit-up hippies roaming the woods, and they could catch glimpses of her when she shifted her locus to a low astral plane.

Planet Waves
A camera in the Lunar Module provided live television coverage as Neil Armstrong climbed down the ladder to the surface of the Moon.
There, I met a young astrologer who, several weeks after the Woodstock festival, was using astrology to figure out how both Woodstock and the Moon landing (and so much else) happened the same summer. Plenty of things in the world make a lot more sense when you connect them to the astrology; nearly simultaneous things happening in different places, connected only by how incredible they are and that they're all happening on Earth.

I asked her if I could see her chart, which was of course hand-drawn in magnificent calligraphy, and calculated in pencil; back then all astrologers had to learn interpolation, logarithms and other mathematical skills that computers now do in half a wink of the eye. (It takes a bit longer to program those computers, though.)

"I'm sure you've noticed the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction had something to do with this," I said. That conjunction happened in early Libra, less than one degree from opposing the Aries Point.

"Yes, the themes of those planets are beautiful, especially in Libra -- like a rush of love. But this conjunction happens every 14 years. It can't be the whole story. There has to be more."

"Good call. In 1977, a new planet is going to be discovered. It's already been photographed about 10 times, going back to 1895. But nobody has noticed it yet. Nobody has seen that it's in all these pictures. I can tell you where it is right now. I know this chart."

She handed me a pencil; I would have felt like I was marring someone's artwork had it been a pen. I sketched in a little key shaped glyph in early Aries, opposite the Moon. "It's called Chiron and it was discovered by Charles Kowal. This is a planet that will change astrology. It's a whole new entity in astrology."

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Finding Balance In An Uneven Landscape

By Judith Gayle | Political Waves
"I can't go back to yesterday -- because I was a different person then."
--Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
For the last thirty years, I have said that I exist with 'a foot in both worlds.' Early on, I found that the majority of folks I discussed this with had no understanding of what that meant; the explanation itself was the recruiting pitch that separated the potential Lightworkers from those who had chosen more mundane paths. You might say that some of us discovered mutual interest in metaphysical principle and alternative spiritual practice; to my way of thinking, we'd found one another again. We were Family; we gathered.

This ability to live in both the density and expectation of 3D and still exist in the ethereal possibilities, taking cues as they're given and keeping the awareness of the larger landscape always forefront in your mind, is a bit of a wire-walk. You learn to keep a sharp ear out for the absurd, which often informs you; you notice what others don't. You have possession of the understanding that everyone is part of you and you them, but participating in group mind becomes impossible. And because your concept of the world is larger than many around you, you do not value many of those things that drive humankind so ruthlessly -- they're pleasant, some of them, even recommended but hardly required. This creates you far from the center of the herd; but not at the edge as a straggler. You're a different drummer, walking a parallel path and witnessing everything around you; providing service wherever you can.

If you've been doing your homework, you should have a foot in both worlds now, yourself; it's necessary if we are to gracefully shift the paradigm. I suspect you are able to intuit your new skill even if you have no actual idea what that other world offers you; this current reality is dissolving at a rapid pace in favor of another, the rock-solid concepts we've counted on are pared down to a scattering of pebbles and the project of reconstruction that absorbs so many of us is loaded with vague new possibilities and discoveries just outside of our vision. If you don't feel that deep in your bones, see it flicker by in your peripheral vision, hear the ripe, hollow thunk of it in every news article and conversation, let me point out a few examples to help you get your sea legs.

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A Rocket Man Remembers: Dr. Lou Povinelli of NASA's Apollo Program
By Eric Francis | Dogtown Writer

This week's 40th anniversary of the Moon landing, mankind's "one giant leap" and the signal technological achievement to that point, offers up a reminder: Sometimes what you're doing is rocket science.

Planet Waves
Dr. Lou Povinelli. Photo courtesy of NASA Glenn Research Center.
During the 1960s, that's exactly what Dr. Lou Povinelli was doing. He was a rocket propulsion system engineer, and one of the tens of thousands of NASA employees (supported by hundreds of thousands of contractors) who worked to make the Project Apollo program a success. Today he is a senior technologist and member of the executive corps at NASA, working at the John H. Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

"When I came to NASA and I look back at what I had done before I came here, it seemed like a perfect fit," said Dr. Povinelli. "There is an outstanding group of engineers that work for NASA and I think they all take pride in their work -- exceptionally good people, well suited and well talented to carry out these missions."

Being a rocket scientist, it hardly needs saying, takes a bit of schooling -- 11 years of college, in Dr. Povinelli's case.

He started with two years at Canisius College in Buffalo for a pre-engineering degree, followed by a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering after three years at the University of Detroit. Then he was off to the University of Kentucky for two years, where he secured a master's in mechanical engineering. His Ph.D. in mechanical and astronautical engineering took three years at Northwestern University, after which he was awarded a prestigious Fulbright postdoctoral fellowship at the Polytechnic Institute of Turin, Italy, which ended in 1960.

"About that time, I figured I needed to make some money," he said, then added with a chuckle, "So did my wife!"

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Coming Up in Daily Astrology and Adventure

Europe and Asia get Nighttime Treats

It's been a good week for spectacular nighttime displays in Europe and Asia, and the nice people who contribute to Space Weather were all over it.

Naturally, there was the July 22 total solar eclipse over India and China -- the longest one of this century. Donald Gardner, a Space Weather correspondent in the Chinese city of Huangshan, reported: "The temperature dropped from 96.6F to 88.5F at totality. The roosters were crowing and the streetlights came on!" He also took the spectacular photo at the link above.

Back east in Europe, where the eclipse wasn't on full display, Tomasz Adam of Staszów, Poland, reported that there was plenty to see, anyway, as he demonstrated with his photo of noctilucent ("night shining") clouds. "While India and China were enjoying a total solar eclipse, here in Europe we were treated to a sky show of our own," he wrote. "It was easily the best display I've ever seen."

Similar noctilucent clouds made their presence known in Merry Olde England earlier this month. On June 16, Space Weather published a fabulous photo by Grant Privett of glowing clouds over Stonehenge, one of man's most important astrological calendars.

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Planet Waves
Special Edition for Friday, July 24, 2009, #776 - BY ERIC FRANCIS

Planet Waves
Aries (March 20-April 19)
The Sun and other planets are crossing one of the most fired-up angles of your solar chart -- Leo, your solar 5th house. The 5th has a reckless feeling to it; once is never enough, nothing is ever dangerous and your tendency to take pride in your boldness can shine out. There's just one issue: you seem reluctant to express yourself because you're worried about how someone, it looks like your father, will perceive you. If it's not your father, it's a relationship in which you feel you have to prove something. To say this is a delusion would be to oversimplify the case, but not to understate it. Check if you're trying to have it two ways: to live authentically, and to demonstrate that deep down you're worthy of approval because you're so pure.

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Planet Waves
Leo (July 22- Aug. 23)
You've lived a lifetime this week; you'll live another through this birthday season, particularly building up to the lunar eclipse of early August. It may seem like you're shedding so many aspects of yourself, with corresponding changes in your relationships. After the past six months of curves and loops, this is obviously an understatement. Yet there is something you know you need to give up -- something that you don't need and in truth don't want. The question is why you think you would want it; that's most likely a matter of emotional attachment, and it does seem to be an impressively old bit of clinging. Making a choice is only a matter of applying your perception. This promises to be a lot easier now than it's been lately.

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Planet Waves
Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - Dec. 22)
For the first time in months, planets are gathered in a fire sign. Yet it seems like your mind is teetering between being driven by passion and being guided by logic and ingenuity. While the two don't contradict, it has been the passion piece that has been missing; you have not been lacking ideas or for reasons to try them. So take a ride on the tiger. One of the best qualities you have access to is an expanded sense of faith in your abilities. This same faith is opening your perspective on what is possible. You are, at the moment, less dependent on others for your sense of what you can achieve. Your perspective is the one that counts the most, and you know it: a bigger step than you might imagine.

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