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Kingston, NY, Friday, June 18, 2010

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Editor's Note: With the solstice and two eclipses fast approaching, we're dipping into esoteric astrology for an angle on one of our favorite themes: how the Aries Point is lighting up. As you know by now, the personal is political. We're feeling the energy internally and seeing its effects externally, and if we keep ourselves tuned in, it should be quite a show. This post includes the introduction to Judith Gayle's article, some offers on our popular audio astrology series, and the air sign horoscopes. If you're new to our service, here is a discount offer on a six month subscription. With this offer you save about 25%. And here is a one month free trial offer.

The Greatest Aries Point Show on Earth Dear Fellow Traveler:

We are approaching the summer solstice, one of the most concentrated astrological moments of the year. This plays into an existing setup of planets gathering in the places where the changes of seasons are focused. As referenced many times on these pages, this is called the Aries Point: the imaginary cross in the sky that goes from Aries to Libra and Cancer to Capricorn. The Aries Point goes by several other names, including the cardinal cross of the heavens, though whatever you call it, the concept translates to events with strong influence on personal and global affairs.

Planet Waves
Chart for the June 26, 2010 partial lunar eclipse conjunct Pluto, set for upstate New York (the astrologer's location). This is an Aries Point event, because all the planets aspect the first degree of Aries. Note the grand cross on the cardinal points -- Jupiter and Uranus conjunct in Aries, the Sun and Mercury in Cancer, Saturn in late Virgo on its way into Libra, and Pluto with the Moon in Capricorn. This configuration contains many aspects: they include Jupiter square Pluto; Saturn square Pluto; Jupiter opposite Saturn; Mercury opposite Pluto and Mercury square Jupiter. And of course, coming up in July is the 5th event of Saturn opposite Uranus -- exactly on the Aries Point. This will be an interesting summer. The lunar eclipse shown above will be followed by a total solar eclipse in Cancer on July 11.
If you're wondering why the world seems to be spinning off its axis, and why your life might feel like a trip through your own personal Twilight Zone Theme Park, check the astrology: it's the Aries Point -- the one that reminds us that the personal is political and that every individual is connected to a larger public life. If you know your chart, even just a little, look for planets and angles early in the cardinal signs and see what you discover.

Mighty players in the cosmic drama have been collecting along this axis: the ones that change the world no matter what they do. Pluto, the first to arrive, is still in early Capricorn. Saturn is about to re-enter Libra to stay for two years. Jupiter and Uranus are conjunct in Aries, having their first exact meeting in the first degree of that sign (degree symbol: a woman, risen from the sea). This is an alignment of historic dimensions: I would rate it in the top five most potent setups of the past 50 years, up there with the mid-60s alignment, the grand cross of August 1999, and the Saturn-Pluto opposition of August 2001.

We can take these separately [see caption at right], noting that we are in the midst of several key alignments: for example, Saturn opposite Uranus and Saturn square Pluto. And of course, we are now well into the effects of the gem of 2012, Uranus square Pluto -- the infamous spark plug of revolution.

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Audio Reports

Planet   Waves
Planet Waves is now offering audio reports by Eric Francis. Here’s your opportunity to benefit from the extensive astrological knowledge Eric has gained through years of work with clients and his radio experience. Each report provides practical, affirming information to help you create your best life.

It’s like having your own personal astrologer sit down for a reading with you, only much more modestly priced.

As the Sun moves through each sign, we will be adding new audio birthday reports for each sign, and additional Key Life Transits audio reports, so check back often to see if we have something new. Thanks for tuning in.

Key Life Transits Audio - Saturn - $19.95
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Chiron In Pisces for all 12 signs - $14.99
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Astrology reading by Eric Francis that is approximately one hour in length and covers the incredible Aries astrology for 2010. This is a year of self-discovery, when you will test your relationships, your ideas about relationships and your current career situation, creating a way to get them working together. This is the year that your relationships will support your career and your career will support your relationships. As an added bonus, Eric gives a detailed 20 minute Tarot reading to Aries using the Voyager deck, which works in harmony with the astrology.

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Astrology reading by Eric Francis that is approximately one hour in length and covers the incredible Gemini astrology for 2010. As an added bonus, Eric gives a detailed 20 minute Tarot reading to Gemini using the Voyager deck, which works in harmony with the astrology.

Facing Our Demons -- Or Not | Political Waves

Standing back from our political situation, I think of the Laurel and Hardy schtick where Ollie turns to Stan and says, "Here's another fine mess you've gotten us into." Blubbering, Stanley wheezes out little peeps of distress, squinches up his face and scratches his head.

We're Ollie. We're Stan. And this fine mess is the result of decades of policies and decisions by Reagan, Bush the Elder, Clinton and Bush the Younger. Obama is the newest engineer on our runaway train, but he doesn't seem to have any magic tricks to offer us. Most presidents don't have to deal with both domestic and foreign firestorms at the same time, and you can tell that Obama would rather be flying at jet speed, not careening along on rickety, old paradigm tracks toward the cliff looming ahead. Doubtless there are some mornings when Obama peeps, squinches and scratches, too; perhaps most mornings.

In order to free Congress for big legislation like health care and energy reform, Obama chose to 'move on' from Bushy criminal investigations, thus taking on ownership of the fine mess we're in. The obvious result of GW's hubristic tenure -- hyperextending militarism and the free market right to the edge on warring, spending, borrowing and deregulating -- is that we're now over the edge on every front. Government has always kept the worst projections and assessments from the public in order to keep the economy calm and the people compliant. The good news is that, coming off several decades of denial-binge, the public now recognizes that facts trump political rhetoric. The bad news is that the political system is so hamstrung by partisanship that it can't move more than baby steps at a time, impeded by those who think "the good old days" of American dominance and expansion are still an option.

In this country, "where seldom is heard a discouraging word," we lie to each other and to ourselves to preserve that sunny Reaganesque illusion. Believing lies is our national version of Prozac. Not wanting to know is a sedation overdose that has now landed us all in the emergency room. Because we still don't want to face the truth, we continue to slap band-aids on national wounds to our treasury, liberties and ethics that gush like BP's failed pipes. Each day that passes makes a dire situation more critical.

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Planet Waves
Weekly Horoscope for Friday, June 18, 2010, #820 - BY ERIC FRANCIS

Gemini (May 20- June 21)
You're standing face-to-face with overwhelming forces, and it doesn't help that you can't quite describe the phenomenon. It's halfway between gazing out at the cosmos and seeing absolutely nothing, and seeing overwhelming bright light. These are internal qualities. They have certain parallels in the physical universe of planets, stars and galaxies, though the human dimension is what we think of as a spiritual matter. As the seasons change this week, you're likely to face this dark versus light situation with more confidence. The difference is that you're tuning into feeling the presence of the observer and identifying with this, rather than with trying to reach for one side of the split between dark and light. Incidentally: the fact that you can see contrast and experience yourself many distinct ways is a profound gift -- especially if you dare to think of it that way.

Libra (Sep. 22 - Oct. 23)
Keep your focus and remember your goals. This is vital: be vigilant of your own objectives and those of anyone with whom you collaborate. The inner energetic quality of attention is the same, whether the beneficiary appears to be you or something of which you are part. Both will be equally rewarding and each side of the equation will help the other, because they are one cause, one purpose, and you are at the center of that purpose. There are many influences acting on you, and some of them are destabilizing. I suggest that you resist any temptation to be flaky. Indeed, as the new season develops the theme of your life will increasingly be about commitment and consistency. It is true that you are experimenting in some wild directions, and there are greater horizons to come, but none of that will work without solid grounding in the adult world.

Aquarius (Jan. 20- Feb. 19)
Now is the time to focus on health issues you want to resolve, no matter how long you've been dealing with them. Aquarius is one of the signs for whom emotional and physical health are fully integrated, so part of this is about discovering a more settled place on the level of your feelings. This involves your complex situation involving a longstanding relationship, which is once again seeking a new depth of resolution. Yet there is also the 'purely' medical level, which suggests strongly that routine care, from a dental cleaning to a visit with a nutritionist, can have significant longterm results. The same will be true with therapy. For example, if you have a therapist you've worked with in the past, doing one or two sessions could move you ahead quickly -- particularly if you bring in material from your especially interesting recent dreams.

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