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New York, Friday, March 25, 2011

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Light Your Fire, Cross the Bridge
Dear Friend of Planet Waves,

We've just lived through a span of weeks which have, in Eric's words, brought us to "the edge of the world." Now that we are here on this edge, we can see that there is in fact a bridge to walk upon. We are not headed for the end of the world or the rapture. We are, however, on the edge of consciousness, and crossing the bridge into full awareness will likely take equal measures of motivation, determination, mindfulness and surrender, allowing the current astrology to support our decisions.

Eric caught on to this bridge idea early on, recognizing that these years leading up to 2012 -- a significant turning point in the Mayan calendar -- are essentially a bridge of light we can cross to awareness if we're open to the journey. The year 2012 is not an end point or a moment or an event, despite how it has been mythologized; it's more like a symbol for the matrix of events we are living now -- the very events Planet Waves continually works to interpret and contextualize with the help of astrology.

In fact, Eric has been working on an e-book, a compilation of his writings over the years since 1987 about this symbol we call 2012. He writes in the introduction, "Somewhere between the end of the world and sudden, unanimous enlightenment of the human race, there is what's actually happening. What's actually happening is that we live in a world of accelerated change, both geopolitical and personal. Astrology is where the two points meet." To hear Eric describe this book project, titled Light Bridge: The 25-Year Span, in greater detail and in his own voice, please click here for an audio introduction.

Eric first encountered the idea of 2012 almost 25 years ago, not long after Jose Arguelles introduced the concept in his book The Mayan Factor; in an odd twist of synchronicity (is there any other kind?) Arguelles just departed this plane of existence for the next on March 23. He certainly picked an electric time to make his move, with four planets (Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus and Eris) plus the Sun in Aries right now, and more on the way in time for the New Moon April 3.

That's a lot of fire. And just in case you've been feeling like you need one lit near you in order to get the next leg of your own personal journey a burning little hotter and brighter, keep an eye on your email inbox. Either later today or tomorrow, we'll be sending out the first official opportunity to buy the new Planet Waves e-book, Light Bridge: The 25-Year Span. Also note that below my signature, I'm including an extended postscript consisting of one sentence from each sign's April horoscope -- just a little spark for you.

Yours & truly,

Amanda Painter

                        Here are excerpts from the April monthly horoscopes.

ARIES: Two questions for you: what do you really want to be doing, and what do you think is stopping you from doing it?

TAURUS: Your circumstances present a useful map, and as you give attention to what is calling for healing or evoking fear, you will be able to follow those situations into what I will call root ideas that will help you get an understanding of yourself.

GEMINI: You may seem to be moving against the current of so much that's happening around you, but you can trust that this is your role in the great journey of life.

CANCER: Now is the time to go into active mode and set out to achieve what you know it's time for you to do.

LEO: In order to make basic progress, to be happy and to live in a direct way, it will help a lot if you are clear about what is true for you.

VIRGO: One thing I suggest you confront is your fear of upsetting the apple cart of a relationship or agreement by being who you are.

LIBRA: That said, there may be something deeply personally relevant, such as a new meeting or a current relationship taking a kind of quantum leap.

SCORPIO: If you direct your strength in the direction of mental focus and creativity, you will harness that energy a lot better than by overdoing the action piece.

SAGITTARIUS: Not only are there no mistakes in your creative process, what you think of as a mistake is a kind of deviation that might guide you someplace truly interesting.

CAPRICORN: I suggest you look for some changes in your mental or emotional system, such as an energy drain, a symptom of some kind, or a challenge you cannot explain.

AQUARIUS: It's like there are these two worlds of potential, one where something can manifest and another where you fear that it cannot.

PISCES: This is your chance to claim back nearly all of the inner territory you lost in this push-and-pull struggle that has gone on since childhood.

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