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Kingston, NY, Friday, Nov. 19, 2010

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In the Wings: Taurus Full Moon
Dear Friend of Planet Waves,

I wanted to share with you a taste of what we've been brewing in the latest issue of Planet Waves by Eric Francis, since you are not currently a subscriber. The Sun is closing in on a conjunction with the amazing (and politically-themed) grouping of planets in Sagittarius Eric has been writing about recently. But before it gets there, the late-Scorpio Sun conjuncts the Moon in Taurus for a Full Moon. As Eric mentions, the Full Moon is "waiting in the wings," so to speak -- just out of view for now, but about to precipitate what's going on in the rest of the sky nearby.

What's nearby is the long-standing Chiron-Neptune conjunction in late Aquarius, which is square the Full Moon. Eric has written before of the mass-delusion we've experienced as part of the Neptune in Aquarius era, as well as the power of Chiron to focus that energy -- and to shine some light on the crisis (or crises) at hand so we can get to the work of awareness and healing. Specifically, Eric writes of it:

"Actually, I think Chiron is revealing that what we're in the midst of is really a crisis about what we believe and why. There is a crisis over what we perceive as truth, whether truth exists, and why people believe what they believe. This has become a field of study called moral psychology. Moral psychology asks why it is that people will vote against their own political and economic interests. It would ask why so many people eat disgusting, toxic foods. It would certainly ask why so many people in Germany pretended they 'couldn't smell' the crematoria churning out smoke a mile from their homes."

The issue goes on to outline four research areas in the field of moral psychology -- timely and representative developments of this ongoing conjunction of Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius -- and an indication that we may finally be able to see clearly what we're dealing with culturally.

If you're curious to check out this issue on its own, complete with Eric's uncanny horoscopes, you may purchase it singly here.

Over on the Planet Waves blog, we have another sign of growing focus and clarity: Geraldo Rivera recently devoted a few minutes of his show to the controversy surrounding the fall of WTC7 on Sept. 11 -- an event Eric called out for scrutiny in the Oct. 8, 2010 subscriber issue.

Also on the blog, you won't want to miss Eric's weekly free podcast. It's a great introduction to how Eric works in an audio format. This week's podcast highlighted the near-simultaneous stationing direct of both Venus (sharing our wealth of resources and affection) and Jupiter (conjunct Uranus: the potential of our current meetings to last a long time and change the world), as we head toward that Full Moon and the Sun gears up for that Sagittarius alignment.

Last but certainly not least, our twice-weekly tarot segment has been picking up speed, with a few recent installments devoted to reader-initiated discussions of particular cards. Even if you're not quite ready to contribute your own interpretation, take a peek at this week's comments about The Star and see what thoughts they provoke for you.

As always, the blog is full of discussions of current astrology as it is happening, and we update it at least four times per day -- so there's always something new to ponder, comment on or share with your friends.

Wishing you a peaceful and perceptive weekend -- for Planet Waves this is

Eric Francis
Amanda Painter

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