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Kingston, NY, Friday, Oct. 1, 2010

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What are the spiritual implications of government spying?
Dear Friend and Reader:

What are the spiritual implications of the government and corporations spying on us? We've all heard of these programs, which range from having our cell calls monitored to having our disk drives mined for data and information that will be used to sell us things. We might consider the political implications, but when we look at the issue from what you might call a psychic perspective, we learn something interesting.

In the new subscriber edition of Planet Waves, I work with the concept of "there are no private thoughts," introduced among other places in A Course in Miracles. As the quickening happens and the mental environment shifts closer to the nonphysical dimension, we are designing our technical tools to resemble what we want our minds to become. We get to liberate ourselves from ego boundaries such as age and gender if we want --and we also become vulnerable to being observed by anyone capable of it.

Why don't we protest? Well, maybe it feels better to know that someone is out there watching us. Maybe we seek the freedom of knowing that we don't have any secrets, or that those secrets are easily found out -- something that seems to be a necessary step in spiritual growth.

In this edition, I also give 12 signs of interpretation, covering the current Sun-Saturn conjunction and next week's Libra New Moon. In the Libra horoscope I write, "In the next few days you will see that there is indeed a point of reconciliation. You may not get a look at it for very long. It may show up as one of those fleeting possibilities you notice in a slightly altered state of mind or think of right before you fall asleep. But there is in fact a point where everyone's needs meet in a way that benefits all."

In the Aquarius horoscope I write, "The idea here is not to ease back entirely and coast along, but rather to apply your ideas as they come and develop your talents on an ongoing basis, as a kind of intuitive experiment. You can afford to be a little less goal-centered and a little more exploratory."

And for Pisces, I suggest that you, "Open up a space in yourself that can be filled by the inspiration that is currently pouring in, and that will do so increasingly over the next couple of weeks as the Sun makes a trine to the Chiron-Neptune conjunction."

The Virgo birthday audio is ready, and we have new writing on the election season from Judith Gayle in Political Waves. Don't miss this amazing edition! Purchase a single copy or sign up for a subscription to Planet Waves.

Yours & truly,
Eric Francis
PS, Are you following the current Scorpio astrology? I cover this in my free audio podcast that was posted Wednesday. You can listen to the current one -- or to the whole archive -- at this link.

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