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Kingston, NY, Monday, April 27, 2009

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Wake up and smell the fear

Dear Friend and Reader:

The one thing we can say about the swine flu situation is that it is spreading fear like a nice healthy bush fire. It's certainly one of those things that is a potentially 'legitimate' source of this emotion -- except for one thing: energetically, influenza is all about fear. I would reach so far as to say that if you're afraid of this thing, you've caught the flu.

The fear level we are seeing, however, is merely an eruption of what has been around for a long time. After decades of denial and being kept under the bed, it is now spilling out into the room. Our lives these years have, in one sense, been a long litany of what to be scared of, from wiretapping to the threat of terrorism to the continuing threat of nuclear war.

Yesterday I covered the horoscope for the news conference where the public health emergency in the United States was announced. This was a watershed moment, as the United States remains in a position of global leadership and other countries look to see what we are doing and use our conduct as a guide to making their own decisions. With a legitimate president in the Oval Office, we can now count on this phenomenon once again. That the U.S. stepped into line with the World Health Organization is a strong statement.

Late last night, my good friend and astrology mentor David Arner reached me in Madison to go over the chart. He agreed with my interpretation but added two points. He suggested that the disinformation/confusion factor was a good bit higher than I was suggesting; and that Obama was telling the truth as far as he knew it, but he didn't know the truth.

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