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Kingston, NY, Friday, Feb. 6, 2009

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The Oregon Coast, the Weight and the Eclipse

Dear Friend and Reader:

We are putting the last touches on this week's Planet Waves Astrology News -- the Lunar Eclipse Edition -- verifying the corrections that came in from Jessica in LA overnight, and doing the test emails to make sure the HTML holds up in your inbox so that it has that beautiful graphic look and feel.

Weekly Horoscopes, Monthly Horoscopes, Astrology News, Daily Astrology Blog, Birthday Reports
Eric Francis in his office, the Book of Blue Studio.
This week of the Saturn-Uranus conjunction was pretty interesting at Planet Waves. Carol van Strum, my friend and old journalism teacher, wrote a series of articles exposing the Navy's plan to take over the entire Northwest Pacific coast as a firing rage. We posted the articles ad diaries to Daily Kos, the massive political blogging site, and apparently the phones are ringing off the hook at various Congressional and Navy offices.

Then came this week's lead article for Planet Waves Astrology News. With a lunar eclipse Monday, I had to handle the topic, and I started with an astrology lead. Then Wednesday night I (once again) found myself obsessed with the song The Weight by The Band. After a conversation with my tarot cards, I decided that I would lead the piece using The Weight as an analogy instead of a straight-up astrology lead. Which is what I did -- so when you hear this song, consider it a reading of Monday's lunar eclipse chart: exploring the Aquarian line between personal and collective karma.

There was just one problem: the lyrics on the Internet were full of conflicts. The biggest one was, is the song about someone named Fannie, or Annie? I started fact-checking this seemingly simple question. Now, partly because I am an honorary Woodstock person (where Dylan and The Band did some of their best work together), I have some old connections to people who work (or worked) with The Band personally. So I started making calls, figuring someone would know. I talked to one friend, who worked with them for years, who told me the story of how the lyrics really came into being.

Monday's eclipse is a big one -- exactly opposite Chiron and Neptune. Working with some of my best collaborators, I've done what I can to make it easy and accessible, putting Chiron in Aquarius into context. Check it out in this week's Planet Waves Astrology News, along with Judith Gayle's Political Waves, science and technology news and Weekly Horoscope #752 (and counting).

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Yours & truly,
Eric Francis

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