October - November 2001


What we know for sure is that in the realm of feeling, experience and biology known as Scorpio, there are many kinds of mysterious transformations taking place, which push the question of existence to the front of awareness. Life and death weave into one story, immortality and sexuality, love and loss, control and release, pain and pleasure, self and other. Each of these is one aspect of a seeming dualism. In Scorpio we work for integration, for mixing the waters and the expressions of all that oppose: we work for integrity, bringing the seeming opposites together in one experience contained within us. This is evolution. It may seem that we release, give, receive, exchange, grow and share with others, and others may indeed help us, even in ways they did not intend. In the end, all we can truly do is surrender to ourselves. In that act is the possibility of freedom born.

Just ask any Scorpio.