October - November 2001


We are approaching at the third decanate of Scorpio, where the Sun will cross the last 10 of its 30 degrees. Looking back on my writing so far this month, I am again prompted to conclude that Scorpio is, without question, the most complex sign of the zodiac at our point in history.

Note that I have not mentioned the "personality traits" of people born under this sign. This is an act of unabashed avoidance on my part. I will leave that to more competent astrologers, like Jonathan Cainer. But I have no doubt that I am covering territory with which most Scorpios are distinctly familiar, or think about secretly: remember, secrecy is a keynote of the whole Scorpio concept precisely because its themes are so taboo. And every person has a Scorpionic dimension. We all have Scorpio, Mars and Pluto in our charts, and it always has something to say to us in those few moments right before we drift off to sleep.

I anticipate running this particular feature for 10 more days, and there is still a lot of ground to cover. Marriage, for one thing, and genetic engineering. I plan to write a new piece on compersion in the next couple of days, following the theme of surrender.

Reaching into those spaces where some of you delightful folks yearn for surrender, expect an essay that looks at homosexual initiation in men and women, as well as an essay on the beauty of group masturbation. In the not so many days remaining before Sagittarius begins, I anticipate devoting one piece to sane dying and another to childbirth. I think this leaves two or three days, within which I plan to cover some of the astrological theory behind Scorpio, including the work of Alice A. Bailey (author/channel of Esoteric Astrology).

But for now, we move onto human sacrifice, which is theoretically supported by more than half the citizens, and practiced in 37 states of our great nation.