October - November 2001

The Question and the Quest

The question remains what in fact to actually do with all of these ideas in the real world. Is any of this possible? If we accept these ideas intellectually and connect with them emotionally, how do we handle ourselves in relationships with people who do not?

What do we do as awakening people within a country, within a world, of people who beg to be lied to, who think that lying is ethical if you don't get caught, who can take the fact that a person is sexually or emotionally attracted to them as an opportunity for a power trip, and who in fact do this without hesitation? People who worship money and who use money as a means to gaining power over others, and as an excuse for killing and poisoning the environment?

We struggle, meanwhile, within the context of our current relationships and relationship models, often without questioning why, or how we might do things differently. And we do so forgetting that to surrender to one other person is one of the scariest feelings in the universe because letting go into love is a form of ego death.

To many people reading, the ideas presented on Journey to the Heart of Scorpio seem like pure fantasy. Indeed, the best way to get them across is in fantasy and what used to be called science fiction, because, you know, people love a story and they need to have 'suspension of disbelief' and basically to be tricked, we are told.

However the information comes across, it takes awareness to move from one reality to another, and awareness means taking responsibility for what we become aware of. The journey to awareness can be perilous or an adventure, but it is a quest in the true sense of the word: a journey into the unknown, the invocation of a question.